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Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Entertainment, Greg | 2 comments

Lyrically Speaking: Gary Numan – “Friends”

Excerpts of lyrics from music that’s been playing in our office lately. We listen to all sorts of stuff around here, so expect something of a mixed bag in this column.

Gary Numan & The Tubeway Army – “Friends

Gary Numan & Tubeway Army

See my one love talking to the pretty boy
I never did like her taste
My skin is rubber on a skeletal body
I’m physically going to waste
Feel my eyes and the tongue of a killer
I’m a humanoid logic machine
Don’t touch me with your painted little fingers
‘Cos I know where they’ve been
You’re not gonna put those scabs on me

Here’s a live version video of the track. All black, edgy and very moody – decades before emo-wannabes decided they invented the look. Trench coats, black eyeliner, leather skirt wearing guitarist and tortured delivery by Gary. This was post-punk goth rock at its’ finest.

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  1. Ahh yes, the cool bands….

    • It's a classic indeed! To think that this track was originally released over 30 years ago. It appeared on the very first (self-titled) Tubeway Army album in 1978.

      I'd consider that pretty groundbreaking.

      Rock on :-]


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