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Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in Advertising | 4 comments

Lost In Translation: 10 Unfortunately Named Businesses

In a related post to our collection of poorly named towns and cities (F**king, Intercourse & Blue Balls), here are some rather unfortunately named stores and businesses, especially when their (frequently) foreign language names are used in English.

Even the logo looks a little peculiar. Their R&D labs must be a laugh a minute!
fuckinglovely seoul southkoreaFucking Lovely
(Seoul,South Korea)
A beauty saloon that specialises in extreme makeovers?
farto saopaulo brazilFarto
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Working at this pharmacy in Brazil must be a gas, gas gas!
herpi spainHerpi
Is ‘herpi’ to herpes what cacti is to cactus?
lickacjick usaLick-A-Chick
Personally, I prefer to eat my chicken, but whatever works for you.
thedickliquorThe Dick Liquor
My, what a big sign you have! For those who refuse to lick-a-chick?
tits montevideo uruguay Tits
(Montevideo, Uruguay)
Is that what they sell, or what they are, we wonder?
niggaz turkeyNiggaz
Must be a hip-hop record label. It’s only them who can use that word.
pussycleaners Pussy Cleaners
For the lady that has it all, give the gift that keeps on giving!
hungfarlow chinaHung Far Low
At 81 years of age, a little self-promotion doesn’t hurt any!

[Thanks to Oddee for the inspiration]


  1. Yo Niggaz!!

    Fucking Lovely post! Been Fartoing my Tits off at it. Gotta send my GF to the Pussy Cleaners – I think she may have Herpi :(. That sucks when you want to Lick-A-Chick!


  2. <blockquote cite="#commentbody-1101">

    Dirty Sanchez IV :

    Gotta send my GF to the Pussy Cleaners – I think she may have Herpi…

    Geez that's a bit low, Sanchez. In fact, it's probably Hung Far Low!

  3. How the heck did I miss this post? May have been before my time?

    Very very funny! Great way to start my Monday!


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