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Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Random | 5 comments

Life changing moment

Can you put your finger on a moment in time, that IF, handled differently, could have changed the course of your life.

When I was in std 4, yes that long ago, I was chosen to be a prefect, for all said I was to be Deputy head boy. This never happened as we moved out of town for 6 months. I did return to the same school half way through that year.

I however came back from that six month “growth” period a different person. I came back VERY VERY independant. I did and still do WHAT EVER I WHANT, and 9/10 get things right.

If I had never experienced that 6 months away “living the life” I wonder what would have happened? Would I have been as cocksure of myself? Would I have been the independant spirit some call me? Would I have been arrested for trying to steal a group N racing car? Would I have left school without telling my mother? Would I still be best mates with my blood brother from another mother?

Would I be writing this self indulgent post?


  1. Prolly not, Kev, you would’ve turned out to be as institutionalised as me 😉

    You were arrested for trying to steal a racing car? Respect! lol

    • The worst part of it, it was a crappy "superboss" I was 15 at the time.

  2. my man, you are the collective sum of every experiance in your life, good and bad! Personally I try not to spend too much time questioning what would have happened if different decisions had been made along the way – can drive you crazy! Life is what it is. As for being best friends with your brother from another mother, nothing gets in the way of true friendship, bro!!

    • Thanks dude!

  3. Oh indeed, I've been doing a lot of the 'what if' thing lately! lol

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