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Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Current Events, Featured | 0 comments

Leaked: FNBs Revised Logo & Branding

Following the sad capitulation of FNB to the ANC over the banks’ well intentioned “You Can Help” campaign, we discover an art directors’ suggested changes to their logo and branding. It’s doubtful that this will see the light of day, but it does reflect the mood of many towards the bank and its relationship with the ruling party.


What seems to have upset people the most is the somewhat sycophantic nature of the apology. In a grovelling joint statement CEO of FirstRand, Sizwe Nxasana “…assured the meeting that this regrettable incident will not be repeated.”

The statement suggests that the bank rolled over and accepted that the ads were a “deliberate attack on the ANC”. Most amusingly (at least to me) is the suggestion that the clips “had a negative impact on business confidence and could undermine the promotion of investment into the country.” Personally, I think the ruling party is taking care of that very well themselves.

By far the most damning line in the statement is this one though: “The ANC indicated that its leadership and membership were strongly raising a question why the organisation should continue to bank with a bank that has adopted an oppositional (sic) stance to it.”

When taken together with the recent comments by Jacob Zuma that businesses that support the ANC will prosper, the funding questions behind the Inkandla development, and the ruling parties’ overly defensive knee-jerk reactions to anything or anyone even vaguely critical of its’ practices and performance, and I have to question the ANC-led governments’ attempts at distraction politics.

Don’t know what all this fuss is about? Read here, and here to catch yourself up…

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