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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Live | 2 comments

Lady Gaga Live In Joburg – The Voted! Review

The general consensus following Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball concert at FNB Stadium – Soccer City in Johannesburg seems to be fairly positive.

At least it has been mostly positive from those who consider themselves fans of the alien being once known as Stefani Germanotta. That wasn’t everyone who was there though.

We know a man who sacrificed a great deal of his manliness to accompany his wife to see the Mother Monster. He sent us this review of the show:

Getting into the pre-paid parking without a ticket was as easy as piss. After a reasonable picnic with all the appropriate condiments we made our way to Soccer City.

Access was seamless. Getting drinks was not a challenge. The biggest issue was the lack of data transfer via 3G.

Gaga was rudely late.

The stadium was under populated to say the least.

I am currently writing this review about 7 songs in and am as bored as shit.

The Castle Draught has had no effect on my opinion.

I am trying to count the times Gaga has uttered the words South Africa to get a crowd reaction, but have lost count. A weak attempt at trying to be part of the audience.

The lip syncing is starting to piss me off.

Honestly. I am understanding why there are so many empty seats in the stadium.

Fuck it. I am over this crap.


  1. The most ridiculous thing about this guys review isn’t the painfully self-conscious desperate-to-be-hip writing, it’s the statement hat the stadium was “underpopulated.” Just check out YouTube for the truth.

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