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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in BlaBla, Random, Voted | 2 comments

Knees Up, Voted!


Have just discovered why the BlaBla blog has not seen much of our friend and fellow author Voted! recently.

It seems that the young fellow has spent most of the last week resting up after a fall from his motorcycle.

A pretty brutal bash to his sensitive knee, and a slightly bruised ego, resulted when he skidded on some loose gravel, on a sharp corner, in the dark.

And no, he wasn’t dronk-en-vedriet at the time, or even speeding at all. In fact, he was being the chivalrous gentleman that he is, and following behind an unaccompanied lady to ensure she arrived home safely.

And no, there was nothing untoward about that either – both were travelling in the same direction after they had attended a school fund-raising committee meeting.

Here’s hoping that he is back to form soon.

All the best Voted!


  1. Now now, flattery will get you no were, yet cash will by most of me……

  2. Yikes, thanks for letting us know Bla!

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