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Posted by on Feb 11, 2010 in Current Events, Voted | 2 comments

Julias Malema on nation building

Sorry to double post but this is worth it.

Julias Malema has contributed massively to nation building on this 20th anniversary of Mandela’s freedom.

At the rally comemorating the day he has said the following.

De Klerk never released Mandela… De Klerk must never be celebrated.

“De Klerk is a product of apartheid.

“De Klerk sponsored black-on-black violence. De Klerk sponsored the IFP to kill our people in KwaZulu-Natal.”

He said De Klerk had never loved the people of South Africa.

“Racism is the legacy of De Klerk. Unemployment is the legacy of De Klerk. Shortage of houses is the legacy of De Klerk. De Klerk must never be compared with Mandela.”

Nation builder he is…..

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  1. This shouldn't be in the News section, it should be in the Humour category. This Malema is a real doos of joke.

  2. Dit lyk my jy is so dom soos grond!! Jy en robert mogoggo(Zim) HET TE VÊR GEGAAN, JULLE HET GEVRA OM NIE VÊRDER TE FINGSIONEER NIE. R.I.P (GET MORE 'BACK UP) MICKY MOUSE

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