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Posted by on Feb 23, 2009 in Random | 4 comments

Juli-Baby Does It Again

The Comedy Club sign As they used to say in the classic Wayne & Schuster skit "Don’t go Juli, please don’t go!"

Yep, our favourite South African comedian Julius "Youthful" Malema has been at it again. Shooting his mouth off at the weekend, Juli continues to bring bla much amusement. Who says South African comedy is dead?!  In fact, I reckon if someone had to splice all the public gaffs of this linguistic genius ANC mouthpiece together, M-Net would have enough material to run an hour-long comedy special in their Monday night slot.

Just his justification for his stupidity alone would make it worth the effort: "I’m still learning politics," he said. This moments before labelling COPE a bunch of "angryists" (? f–k alone knows!?) and then rebranding the IFP as "Mickey Mouse".  Disney should sue for trademark infringement.

Adding these remarks to his recent Zille & Seramane tirade (Helen is "racist, colonialist and imperialist." All at the same time? Multitasking woman is Ms. Zille it seems. And Joe’s role in the DA was to "smile at the madam." Cheeky youngster is our Juli! Gosh.)

And all this within the space of a few days. Bla thinks that perhaps he was taking umbrage at the fact that Carl “Token Whitey” Nohaus was getting all the attention. Censure of Malema from AyEnSee Command Central is (as usual) non-existent at this stage. Do the Powers That Wannabe really still feel that he brings credibility to the organisation? So soon after JayZee’s re-charges, the Niehaus fiasco, and with the General Elections less than two months away, bla thinks they would earn significantly higher public opinion ratings by muzzling Malema rather than parading the frail Nelson Mandela in front of the masses. (And then justifying this by saying he wanted to attended the rally, and besides “Madiba belongs to ANC”.)

Thank you for not going yet Juli-Baby! Comedy in South Africa would really struggle without your youthful exuberance. Just remember that Juli did go out and landed up getting stabbed in the back. And the Ides of March are not too far off….


  1. Just saw this other insult from him reported in The Star:

    The Democratic Alliance's youth leader on Monday dismissed his ANC counterpart Julius Malema as "a petty little man" who is too cowardly to take him on in a public debate.

    Khume Ramulifho hit back after Malema on Sunday turned down a challenge for a debate, saying he only engaged with serious politicians and not with DA leader "Helen Zille's garden boys".

    "In using the perversely racist term 'garden boy' in reference to me, Malema has also once again shown himself to be a petty little man who is unable to engage in meaningful debate, and capable only of resorting to the basest form of gutter politics to make his point," Ramulifho said.'

  2. Thanks for this update Lawrence. See, I told you so "Helen Zille's garden boys"!?! The man is a natural… 🙂

  3. I have been trying to book Julias as opening act at our annual get together but he is not listed with any agents.

    I love his "garden boys" chirp, tells me affirmative action is working.

  4. Calling anyone a garden boy is very insulting i agree. This guy is nothing but a fool. He should not be seen as a leader of anything.

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