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Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in Advertising, Business, Featured, Video | 1 comment

Jennifer Anistons Smartwater Sex Tape

In an attempt to cash in on as many viral video meme’s as possible, Jennifer Aniston has been roped in by US bottled water company SmartWater to star in what they hope will be the next viral video. Well, to be fair, they’re not really ‘cashing in’ – more like poking fun at them.

With lip synching singers, talking parrots, dancing babies and a bunch more in between, the extended video ad taps into the search engine base of users searching for “Jennifer Aniston sex tape” – the name that is given to it by the “marketing team” naturally.

The ad agency is probably kicking themselves for releasing it before the furore that is the Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ video. “Friday, Friday, we gonna drink SmartWater on Friday, Friday!”

1 Comment

  1. Very funny video!

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