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Posted by on May 29, 2011 in Cape Town, Literature | 0 comments

Jeffery Deavers’ James “Carte Blanche” Bond Makes Merry in Cape Town

James Bond Carte Blanche CoverWith its’ plot lines shrouded in secrecy befitting the Protection of Information Act, the latest James Bond 007 novel, Carte Blanche, was launched to the media at what sounds like an epic event earlier this week in Cape Town.

And by the sounds of things, the worlds’ most famous secret agent has been given his super stylish and ultra sophisticated global mojo back by Jeffery Deaver (the US author of over 25 novels such as The Bone Collector and sales of over 20 million copies).

Commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications with the support of Ian Flemings’ family, Deaver is the second American author to pen a novel about the quintessential British spy. Fleming, who created the James Bond character in 1953’s Casino Royale, wrote 14 Bond stories over the years. He would have celebrated his 103rd birthday tomorrow, making the timing of the new novels’ release that much more significant.

The Cape Town event followed similar launches in Dubai and London earlier this month and the launch of an official web site for the book. With helicopters, Bentley GT’s, sexy leather-clad Bond girls, cocktails and abseiling Marines in attendance, the media launch events would have made Mr. Fleming proud.

Why Cape Town? we wondered. Well, after the press embargo was lifted it became quickly apparent that the Mother City was not chosen for any arbitrary reason – the city plays a large part in the novel itself.

Fresh from Afghanistan, James Bond has been recruited to a new agency. Conceived in the post-9/11 world, it operates independent of Five, Six and the MoD, its very existence deniable. Its aim: to protect the Realm, by any means necessary.

The Night Action alert calls Bond from dinner with a beautiful woman. GCHQ has decrypted an electronic whisper about an attack scheduled for later in the week: casualties estimated in the thousands, British interests adversely affected. And 007 has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to fulfil his mission.

In the world of espionage, giving an agent carte blanche on a mission comes with an enormous amount of trust and constantly tests both personal and professional judgement. Part of the nonstop suspense in the novel is the looming question of what is acceptable in matters of national and international security. Are there lines that even James Bond should not cross?

The novel will maintain the persona of James Bond as Fleming created him and the unique tone the author brought to his books, while incorporating my literary trademarks: detailed research, fast pacing and surprise twists.” – Jeffery Deaver

CARTE BLANCHE takes place in the present day over a short period of time, and sees Bond visit exotic locations around the globe, including Dubai, Serbia and our very own Mother City

With the help of a feisty police inspector in the SAPS, he races across the Peninsula to unravel a deadly terrorist plot. But he wouldn’t be Bond if he didn’t take the time to stay in a luxurious hotel such as the Cape Grace, drink Zulu beer and the finest wines Franschhoek and surrounds has to offer, eat Bobotie and listen to singer Thandiswa Mazwai in the Bo-kaap. The action in Cape Town covers the entire second half of the new novel.


Buy it online from Kalahari.Net

But it online from Amazon UK

Info Sources: Carte Blanche on Wikipedia, The Guardian UK, Book ZA



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