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Posted by on Feb 10, 2011 in Entertainment, Featured, People, Voted | 11 comments

JCW Talks True U2 Fans to Voted & Crashes BlaBla

Popular radio talk-show host Jenny Crwys-Williams (@jcwLIFE) of Talk Radio 702 did a segment on her show today about the upcoming U2 concert in Johannesburg, asking her listeners to tell her “You know you’re a true U2 fan when…?”

Natalie, wife of our regular BlaBla contributor Voted!, called in to share her thoughts on why U2 is so important to her and her husband. Voted! (a BIG JCW fan!) heard the call at work and called Jenny himself to add to the story and to tell her what he thinks makes a true fan of the band.

In their conversation, things led to talk about the numerous posts we’ve been making on The BlaBla Blog, and Jenny decided to go and visit the site herself, specifically to watch the video in our U2 360° Claw Stage Setup Time Lapse post.

Listen to the segment here

Her enthusiastic response while watching the video on air sent a fair number of her listeners onto the site as well. So much so, that the sudden spike in our traffic triggered alarm bells over at the sites’ hosting provider which resulted in the site shutting down. They tell me this was due to there being too many simultaneous connections all trying to watch the video at the same time! Fortunately this only lasted a few minutes, but does serve to prove a couple of things:

  • Radio, and the people who talk to us through that medium, is not dead!
  • Radio personalities like Jenny Crwys-Williams are able to influence people in significant numbers. JCW is the South African Oprah, for want of a better analogy.
  • The U2 concerts in South Africa are significant events. Many of the callers to the show, including our own Mr. and Mrs. Voted, expressed the deep effect and impact that U2 has had on their lives.
  • There are a lot of TRUE U2 Fans out there!

I have managed to secure a copy of the show and have edited it to include just the parts that are relevant here. Not that the other callers to the show are irrelevant mind you. Just that most people haven’t got the patience to sit through an hour of audio on the internet. If you were wanting to hear calls and comments from others let me know and I’ll point you to the appropriate place.

Thanks to the lovely Ms. Crwys-Williams for her support – we forgive you for causing our site to collapse.

And Mr. & Mrs. Voted – you rock!!


  1. Blabla FTW! Nicely done guys.

    And Voted – your wife sounds hot on the radio! 🙂

      • You what? Sound hot on the radio? Ummm….. not as much as Mrs. Voted.

    • Thanks A-R – it was a nice surprise, and a big boost to the daily stats 🙂

  2. Simply beautiful. 🙂 Voted, you shoulda told me earlier u were going to be famous. Lol. Wow, the site CRASHED…well done!! 🙂 hehe.

    • Thanks….did you not already know we would be famous????

    • Thanks Ark! It’s an awesome clip, isn’t it?!

    • Did you have a good time????

  3. Thanks BLa, it was our pleasure in promoting this cyber home of yours!

  4. Well done, BlaBla and Voted!


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