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Posted by on Feb 19, 2012 in Featured, Life, People | 2 comments

Jade Fairbrother is SA’s first Playboy Playmate of the Year

Jade Fairbrother is South Africa’s first Playboy Playmate of the Year And oh brother, is she indeed fair!

Yes I know. Playboy magazine is a sexist, misogynistic throwback to the last century, a relic of an era when women were seen as nothing more significant than objects of male sexual lust.

But let’s be fair here. We’ve stated our concerns about Playboy, and the Playmate of the Year thing in the past. (See Is There Really Still A Place For Playboys Playmate of the Year?) And as the lovely Jade Fairbrother, the winner of the first South African Playmate of the Year title, herself puts it:

“I have always wanted to be a model but unfortunately my height, or lack thereof, has always been against me. As PLAYBOY does not have any restrictions in that regard, it was the perfect opportunity for me to follow my dream of being a photographic model.”

Who are we to argue against a young women pursuing her dreams? So, here’s to Jade and to following your dreams!

jade-fairbrother-poty-1 jade-fairbrother-poty-2 jade-fairbrother-poty-3

jade-fairbrother-poty-4 jade-fairbrother-poty-5 jade-fairbrother-poty-6

Jade’s prizes include a customised Playboy pendant worth R50,000 a trip to the USA to spend five days at the famous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. She also will feature as the Playboy South Africa cover girl for March.

Read Jade’s revealing Playmate of the Year interview here. Revealing in the information it tells us that is. She was educated at a Convent School, studied Criminology and is only 161cm tall for instance. Revealing like that.

All images are © Playboy South Africa



  1. Well hello Jade! That’s a bit of all right there mates.

    Jade, Uncle Hugh leaves any of you, and you are ever Sydney-side, let me know. I’m short (in height) too, and would love to compare crime stats and convent girl stories with you!

    • Leave Jade alone and get your own Playmate Aussie!

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