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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Featured, Mobile | 0 comments

iPhone 5 It Is Then

Apple have recently sent out media invitations to an “Apple Event” on September 12.

Most people have know for a while that this is the date that Apple will be announcing details of their much hyped new generation iPhone.

And whilst Apple has managed to keep all the prototypes of the new version mobile out of San Francisco bars (so far) and there is still a lot of speculation around exactly what the new phone will look like, how it will perform, and what components and bells and whistles it’s insides will be filled with, one thing does now seem to have been resolved.

A huge area of speculation amongst the geeks has been exactly what the new iPhone will be called. This debate was triggered by the release of the 3rd version of the iPad, which Apple insisted on referring to as New iPad, and not iPad 3 as was the pattern with the earlier models.

The thought then was that Apple were trying to break away from the product number naming approach that they had introduced with the iPhone 3, and were hoping to get all their products into a simple term name space, as in the Apple device that started the mobile rage, the iPod, and their computer product range of Macs and MacBooks.

Despite their best efforts though, people will be difficult and most consumers still tend to refer to the latest iPad version as the iPad 3. In the same vein, most articles speculating about the soon to be released version of the iPhone (rumours have a date as soon as 21 September for the US release) have been referring to the device as the iPhone 5. Even while they speculated that they may eventually be forced to call it the “New iPhone” after the New iPad came out, the pundits were still calling it the iPhone 5.

It looks like the invitation covers to the announcement event resolve at least this small area of speculation though. Judging from the rather large and obvious “5” in the invitation dates shadow, Apple has clearly broken away from it’s very strict practice of giving nothing away until the actual announcement.

Unless of course the Apple Marketing department are using the concept of a “teaser invitation” literally and pulling a fast one on the media…

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