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Posted by on Jul 23, 2009 in Random | 2 comments

Innocence Stolen

My daughter, all of 7 years old, has received a mid year report from her school.

It reflects a very good assessment of her, she is very happy with structure and bookwork, so therefore she thrives in the school environment.

My concern is one, a mark of 2 out of 4 for “Knowledge of infectious diseases”

When I asked her she told me it was for HIV.

She then started telling me that they are teaching them about the dangers of HIV/Aids and so on.

I felt as if my daughter’s youth had been stolen from her. A seven year old having to know these facts? How old were you when the birds and the bees became an issue? As I have it, that discussion has not taken place, yet.

But now it will have to, as it is a real part of contracting HIV/AIDS.

But it is more than just that for me, it’s the “Danger Stranger” the ” Secure Estates” the “Cellphones for teens” the “GPS trackers” and all that that quickly adds up into turning kids into young adults, way before it’s needed.

They should still be running around in the “normal streets” not the boomed off areas, they should be walking to the “cafe”, not being driven to the mall, that is incedently more dangerous than the cafe. The learning curve as well as the life experience is gone.

I studied at the school of hard knocks, I have a degree from the university of life, how, in this protected force fed decisions made for us society, will my kids get their “honours” in life?


  1. Its a hard one. Here they teach nothing like this to youngster but i think they shud

    • Thanks, were is "here"?

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