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Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in Featured, Humour, Video | 3 comments

Infographic: How to Dubstep (Friday Funny)

It’s the dance and dance music revolution that’s sweeping the globe. And now you too can dubstep and stop feeling left out of all the fun:

howto dubstep

A more visually detailed demonstration for you here. Note the smooth transition from Step #1: Wait for the drop to Step #2: Have a seizure.

Now go out there and dubstep with confidence.

Class dismissed. Boom!


  1. Hey how you been guys? (And dolls).

    Was watching some of yesterdays’ cricket down your way – bloody bizarre match there, but the less said about it the better – and thought to myself in between overs “AR, you haven’t visited that lot over on BlaBla for a bit.”

    So here I am. Again.

    To tell you that that bloke in the video part of your lesson is bloody legend! I swear I am going to copy his every move and get some major dub step cred going for myself. Thanks wise one. I learned a lot!

  2. Well nice to see you again too AR.

    Do that dubstep thing to the max now!

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