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Posted by on Jul 21, 2009 in Random | 8 comments

I’m In! Now Keep An Eye Out For Trouble

Hey, dig the new diggs.

Got tired of my old place down at 24.problems.

Seems I could make myself comfy around here.

The names VOTED!, but most peeps call me Kevin. Blabla has been kind enough to let me blog here awhile.

As soon as I come up with anything concrete to say I’ll be back, for now this is just a hello, thank you and goodbye……


  1. Good to have you with us Kev! We'll happily keep the door open for you whenever you need a space to say something…

  2. are you paying rent?

    • No, i am a squatter at this stage.

    • We're very open and democratic here Donovan. Even the squatters have a voice.

      On condition they do & say everything I tell them to of course!

  3. Hi Oom, so this where Oom is hiding out. I have eventually take the flight from blogs.24 but am looking for some tree to perch. How is this joint for a nest.

    • This joint is cool dude. Thanks for showing interrest in what we do!

  4. Interesting post over here:

    Clearly based on the "before" picture of the re-launch (as is the article referred to in the post.)

    Some of the remarks made by the developer brought a smile to my face…

    • They should go read a couple of blogs written by the same bloggers about the "Few Other Changes"

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