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Posted by on Oct 25, 2008 in Random | 0 comments

I’m a PC – Microsoft Versus Apple

I love the fact that comparative (or should that be “competitive”?) advertising is tolerated in the States. If done well, some of it can be very clever. Here in South Africa the Advertising Standards Authority does tend to frown on these sorts of ads (anyone remember BMW’s “Beats the Bends/Benz” campaign?) but it seems that the American advertising industry is a lot more forgiving and liberal.

Big chuckles all around the BlaBla offices after we saw two recent Apple adverts which take the piss out of Microsofts’ attempts at re-marketing Vista, the problem fraught operating system that seems to be causing a lot of loyalty issues amongst Microsoft users.

Here are the two Apple ads:

And the Microsoft response:

Too funny! So what are you?

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