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  1. Thanks Bla πŸ˜€

  2. Now that is a Friday Photo if ever I saw one. Way to go Fritzl!

    I think today deserves to be a half day for all. From lunchtime, I reckon we all take Fritzls' example and chill our way into the weekend.

  3. It's 10.20 and I am done!

  4. Fritzl for the win!

    Was planning beer on the patio at lunchtime, but the weather here in Jozi is turning rapidly towards a lekker rooi wyn vir die middag!

  5. Oh Bla, it’s chilly enough to invite my Old friend Sherry Brown over. Do you know her?

    • My goodness, what a coincidence!

      I know Sherry very well, almost intimately you might say! We go way, way back. We first met at high school, and have had an on-off relationship ever since. She often comes back into my life when times are tough, money is tight, and tempers are frayed. She seems to know just when to show up again. It's almost uncanny.

      Small world huh?!

      • Hahahaha! When she’s not hanging with you, she’s with me. She gets around a bit by the sounds of things.

  6. Oh, and nice dog too.

  7. The thing about Sherry, as prone as she is to gross vulgarity toward the end of an evening, her loyalty is always unquestionable and she can be relied on to not hold a grudge.

    Much like my other friend, Mrs Tassenberg, to whom I must wish good Yom Tov!

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