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Posted by on Jul 5, 2009 in Computing, Entertainment, Humour, Photography, Technology, Video | 15 comments

I Hate You Natalie! Okay, But What’s The Catch?

I Hate You NatalieSince early last Friday I’ve been receiving a bunch of emails about the I Hate You Natalie site. Over the weekend I’ve also picked-up a number of mentions on it from both Twitter and Gatorpeeps, as well as reading of it in a number of blogs. It probably isn’t even news to many who visit The BlaBla Blog regularly because you are all so net-savvy and in-touch.

But for those who may not yet have had the pleasure (notably my family & friends South of the border!) here’s the gist of the story:

Bloke sets up a site after he catches “the love of his life” in bed with another bloke. Short version: he is so pissed off with her that he is now posting a bunch of compromising pictures of the offending bitch in progressively revealing poses, culminating in a “superhot video”. This all in an effort to out her as the mean-spirited super-slut she is. Basically.

Only thing is, you only get to see the more compromising of the pictures, and that “superhot video” naturally, once you have referred a bunch of your mates to the site to see the offender for themselves. The more referrals, the more he’ll reveal of his ex. Allegedly.

So now I’m wondering: What exactly is the catch? There has to be an angle to this story. There is no noticeable advertising on the page, but clearly page views and site hits are important to the blogger. The page has a number of “Hot Tips” on how you can go about getting your referrals up to “Super hot video reveal” status. Things like:  “Hot tip: If you use ICQ, MSN, AIM, and other instant messengers to send your personal link to your friends, you will have the video in no time!”

There is an option to dial a telephone number to get instant access to the rest of the images, and presumably this will cost you cash, of which a portion would probably end up lining the site owners’ pockets. “International call charges apply”. I would strongly urge you to resist the temptation of calling – it could land up being a very expensive mistake.

Maybe its a social sciences experiment to see how quickly this can go globally viral, and how many of the page visitors actually get curious enough to dial the number? You can decided for yourself right here: I Hate You Natalie.


  1. I clicked your link but you have ZERO friends? Comeon, surely DON and BIGJ have clicked?

  2. What Fu#$ing link?

    • Try any one of the underlined, bold bits…

      • Two minutes ago all the pics were there, now they gone WTF?

        • Yeah, it's clearly a scam. The idea is to get people to dial the number for the code, and that'll cost coins.

          Word on the wires is that the pictures (and that "super hot video") aren't worth much, and you'll get much more um…joy? from any one of the many free porn sites around.

          Besides that though, a damn fine example of the power of web 2.0 viral marketing, with those "personalised links" now over the 1.7 million mark.

  3. DAMN still no video!

    • What a con. You can get all of the pictures and the video off a bunch of torrent and warez sites. But like someone already said, it is all pretty boring stuff. Much better to go somewhere else like http://www.[removed].org for your free porn

  4. No shame in my Game,and Besides,The pictures i hae seen on the site are pertty goos,and I saw 6 pictures.I would feel bad if i was this girl,but then again I wouldnt cheat on anyone either.

  5. Put the pics on this for everyone and save the time of all that stuff!

  6. Don't even get me started on how many sites there are of these. There has to be a main site, because so many other sites use the same dial thing and same hot tip, with the same "more views more pics." I've unlocked all the way to the vid on most of them, but the vid… never shows up.

    • Hi Hunter & welcome to The BlaBla Blog

      Wish you all the best of luck in tracking down the video. If it does actually exist, it probably is a complet waste of time.

      As noted in the original post – this whole thing is a complete scam. If you need a little online visual stimulation, you'll have greater success just searching for free porn sites.

  7. This ass of a website or the dood that got erm cheated on must be a douche and this is a scam since Porn is mostly free like Redtube or Porn-hub stop wasting your time on such pathetic pics its not worth the erm "Risk"


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