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  1. Ahhh, summer. That pool looks very inviting Cindy. I think an early close to the days' slog and a quick change into trunks is called for.

    • Now let's be honest with the everyone Bla. When you say "trunks" you really mean "gonad-crushing-skin-tight-almost-g-string-Speedo", don't you?

    • Bla in a g-string speedo? We want pics!

  2. And an ice cold drink. With an olive in it.

    • What are you doing TOC?

      Living la vida loca?

      Are we in Vegas?


      Then we don't drink drinks with olives in them TOC!

      Keep it real.

      And remember, we're watching you.


  3. Watch all you like Greg, I've been living la vida loca for years. The neighbours complain from time to time … that's where the olive pips are useful. *pelt*

  4. Swimming? Speedo's? Cocktails? What kind of soft blogg home is this? Bla, please put a stop to this!

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