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Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Advertising, Business, Featured | 0 comments

HRH Elizabeth II: We Are Not Amused With Your China, My China


In an absolutely classical “lost in translation” story, an ‘entrepreneurial’ manufacturing company has failed dismally in its attempt to cash in on the upcoming Royal Nuptials of Prince William Windsor and Miss Katherine Middleton.

The company, which based on its name – Guandong Enterprises Ltd. – is of Chinese lineage, have produced – without the royal we’s permission – a classic English china tea cup emblazoned with the portraits of the happy couple. The pictures are surrounded by much “ornate detailing” and marked with the words “Will & Kate” in a filigreed scroll beneath the images.

The cup is for sale at just £9.99 +P&P via their “Ye Olde English Guandong Drinkware” sales site, according to which they have had such a high level of interest in this special commemorative souvenir item that their delivery times are presently between 8 – 15 days! 

All fine so far. Except on closer inspection, the image of Will on the left of the piece turns out to be a portrait of the soon to be married princes’ younger brother, Prince Harry. In fact, an image of William is decidedly absent from both the cup and the website!

This rather embarrassing error was presumably only picked up by the Olde English Drinkware specialists well after a vast number of these fine pieces of china had been manufactured. Too late to trash the lot, and re-make them with the correct portrait I guess. No, instead it is so much easier and cheaper to add a tiny little note to the bottom of your web page:


That should be enough to avoid any major consumer complaints then.

Even though they do note that “Guandong Enterprises Ltd and Guangdong Drinkware Royal Wedding Souvenir cups are not supplied to, or approved by, Prince William Of Wales, Katherine Middleton or any member of the Royal Family”, I can’t help but wonder at what HRH Queen Elizabeths’ reaction would have been. We most definitely would not have been amused.

I also wonder how many numpty suckers fell for it without realising the error.

Classic #fail.

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