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Posted by on Sep 20, 2010 in Columnist, Food & Drink, South Africa, TheOnlyCin | 1 comment

How We Eat

Hard luck to BlaBla for not making into the finals of the blog awards. Still, we’re a cheerful bunch and nothing can hold us back from continuing to build a very fine group blog.

This writer says we should have some champers anyway, and some lunch …

The South African national sausage is boerewors. A funny word that makes small English children giggle uncontrollably. Both the rs are trilled and the w is a strong v-sound.


With the coming weekend marking our National Braai Day – the rather surreal initiative of our government to get everyone to up their carbon footprint and make fires on which they will turn meat into carcinogenic meals – supermarket tills will ring merrily in the next few days as people stock up on their requisite boerewors.

I personally don’t like it much, which is fine as my husband won’t eat it and my daughter refuses even to speak its name. But I had been asked to do a food shoot for a magazine; they needed a shot of a dish which often accompanies boerewors, pap en uie.

This, directly translated, is porridge and onions. Bizarre, I agree. A stiffish maize porridge* topped with fried onions, not for me thanks. But I had to make the dish and didn’t like to throw it away. We had two local chaps here doing some paintwork on the house, so I dashed out and got some sausage to fry; they were very happy indeed with their unexpected lunchtime feast.

*Grits in America and Polenta in Italy. I’d love to know if other countries have anything similar.

My spellchecker was most dismayed with this post …

1 Comment

  1. I still recon best group blog!

    Not bad for a one year old. And we have good plans for the future….eat our dust in the next year!

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