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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Social Media, Web | 3 comments

How to get Facebook Timeline Right Now

So you want to get your Facebook page looking all fresh and dandy with the new Facebook Timeline feature? And you don’t want to wait for the rollout to reach you? No problem.

Anyone can get their Facebook profile updated to the new Timeline look immediately. Just follow along…


Timeline is a new feature that replaces the user’s Facebook profile page and Wall with the story of your (Facebook) life displayed in reverse chronological order. It is a radical change to the way Facebook looks and works – so be prepared. (And cue the “Petition to force Facebook to bring back the old look” pages and general “I can’t handle change” whingers too!)

How to Get Facebook Timeline Right Now

  1. Obviously you need to be logged into your Facebook account to begin with.
  2. Go to the Facebook Timeline announcement page.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page. Look to the bottom right corner of the footer where you will find a green button marked “Get Timeline”. Click it. (You could also read through the info on that page – it gives a great overview of the way Timeline works).
  4. You should now return to your Facebook profile page with the a preliminary Timeline view active. This is a one week “set-up and test to your hearts content” preview of what your Facebook profile would look like under Timeline. Only you can see it until you are happy with things and click on the “Publish” button. Note that if you don’t manually publish your Timeline profile within the week, it will automatically become visible (but only to your friends if you have a private profile, or to anyone in the world if you have a public profile.)
  5. Spend the time before publishing your Timeline doing a little customising of it. You could, for example, upload a large splash image to decorate the top of the screen. You can also add life events, photos, and other data from your past that might not be on Facebook already.
  6. Finally, before you do publish your new look Timeline enhanced profile, I recommend that you take a few minutes (or hours for some I guess!) and go through all your old posts, photos, and other info to be sure that you’d want it to appear on your timeline. If you find stuff that may not be suitable for your Timeline anymore, find the little pen icon on the top right hand corner to make edits to your stuff. You could either restrict who can see the post, photo, etc. or can delete it entirely from your profile.

For those administering company or other commercial Facebook Pages, there is no indication yet of whether the Timeline feature will eventually be applied to your Pages. I guess the good folk at Facebook are wanting to see if Timeline will get picked up by personal profiles and work well before the rollout the feature across the entire Facebook network.


  1. i dont have the green signal till now….but i want the timeline

  2. Nice work if you can get it!
    There is NO green button!!!!

    • Hello Nick (& Vivek too!)

      The very elusive “green button” was there I promise! That said though, this post (and the button) were made available BEFORE the official rollout of Timeline was made by Facebook for those impatient people who wanted to activate Timeline on their profile before the official rollout.

      So it could be that the button was removed when the system automatically started to offer FB users the Timeline option directly on their profile??

      One other thing worth checking is that you are definitely logged into your Facebook profile BEFORE you visit the Timeline info page. If you aren’t, you wont see it at all.

      The green button was also made available on a second page by Facebook – The Official Timeline Application Page: : Again, you must have your Facebook profile logged in before looking for the green button on that page.

      I promise you it was there once! 🙂
      Good luck guys – let us know if you ever get things sorted out.

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