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  1. Firstly good article to sum up the need and issue around the reasons people are turning to the us iTunes store.

    Would just like to point out that we ( have just changed the shopping structure on our website. After getting hit with a tone of fake credit cards / orders we have now removed the instant email with the voucher code and instead add it into the users control panel on their account that gets created during the check out.

    That is good for both the customer and us, as a customer can see all their voucher codes listed in one place along with all their orders. It also provides us an extra level of security where by if fake payments come through we can now verify them. So their is a small lag for first time customers with us, as we check up on the details of the payment before releasing the account (implicitly the voucher codes). But repeat buyers are instant.

    We have some further plans in the works so there is more to come from us.

  2. The simple reason that music is not sold through Amazon or Itunes (or any other store for that matter) is because there are South African companies that hold the rights for distribution of music from given distribution companies and so buying direct from a store like Itunes is illegal.

    I would like to strongly recommend that people do not use this route of purchasing music as it is still illegal, you are still pirating and therefore you seriously might as well be using torrents.

    You may feel that this is the right thing to do, but it’s not, you are litterally just paying one person and overlooking the other. the music that will populate your playlist is still illegal, completly no different from torrent sites.

    • Tim makes a valid point Blablanians – take heed!

      Still though, the fact that this post is gaining a lot of views indicates that there are many people out there that are interested in this.

      Surely the “South African companies that hold the rights for distribution of music from given distribution companies” need to get with the times, and sort something out for the South African music buying public who are clearly more than happy to part with their hard-earned money in order to be able to legitimately purchase music online in download form?

      The constant bleating about illegal downloads and music piracy killing music irritates the heck out of me. Why, when there is clearly a demand for the products that these companies hold the rights to, do they continue to insist on having music lovers in this country jump through multiple hoops in order to secure the music they want (and that they want to pay for!) Purchasing music legally is made so difficult, outdated and complicated that they unintentionally push people towards the temptation of getting it for free from a dodgy torrent site somewhere.

      It’s daft to the point of stupidity in some cases. Take the Die Antwoord album in the post for example. I can buy the physical disc from Amazon and have it shipped to SA. But I can’t buy the album in digital download form from anywhere because I’m in South Africa? How does that make any sense to the average music lover who doesn’t give a toss about the digital distribution rights vs. the physical distribution rights. Someone who just wants to support his favourite artists and buy their music legally. The record companies should have secured rights for all forms of distribution for the artists they represent. To my mind, they do a disservice to their artists by putting the variety of restrictions on distribution that they do.

      Yes, I agree with Tim, purchasing the album via the iTunes voucher method is technically illegal, but that it’s “no different from torrent site (downloading)” is debatable. At least I know that Die Antwoord will get a small percentage of money from the sale. And their record company shouldn’t be complaining either as they get a significantly bigger chunk of that payment too. Who loses? Only the torrent site owner who doesn’t see the revenue he would have generated by serving me ads on his site.

    • Tim. Yes, it might be illegal, but I do not agree with your statement: “you are still pirating and therefore you seriously might as well be using torrents.”
      The artists, producers and 1st distributors are still getting their share of the monies paid by the end user. It’s the middleman that that gets shorted out and for that he has a legal stand based on ancient supply chain structures. The music industry (as with all industries) are changing fast, and it has been for many years.
      Digital commerce opens the entire world as a single market place and us honest end users will always find the most direct route to find and pay for what we want / need without lining the middleman’s pockets.

  3. @Blabla. Fair comment. I couldn’t agree more that these SA side distribution guys need to pull their socks up. But until that happens this is illegal on paper.

    Just one thing when you say “Who loses? Only the torrent site owner”. This is not true. As I mentioned with my initial post there are companies in South Africa who hold the rights to distribute music in South Africa, yes this applied strongly to physical copies of the music (CD and Tape) but it still stands today. You are cutting these guys out.

    Now you could argue that we don’t need them anymore because they aren’t physically distributing the music but the fact is that they OWN the rights to distribute, which means technically it has to come through them or a deal has to be made which will give them a cut of each sale made from a South African Itunes account.

    What if you had bought national rights to a certain franchise and then the system slightly changes and this just voids your rights to the franchise? Would you think it is fair that what was promised to be yours is just taken away despite what you have paid for it?

    Don’t get me wrong, I get irritated by this too but I’m just pointing out that if you want to take the whole moral high ground against these torrent sites because it’s an illegal download, this is not the route. stealing from one person but paying another – still illegal. It’s like saying it’s not smoking to smoke light cigarettes

    PS – When this is all sorted Amazon is going to be the guys to buy from. they do songs based on value not a flat rate, not to mention the fact that they give you a raw MP3. Not some DRM that limits your usage despite the fact that you paid hard earned money for it.

  4. Worked like a charm! Thanks so much! And forgive my ignorance, but I don’t see what all the hooha is about, considering I am still paying for my downloads. (yes yes i know about the holders of the rights etc and illegality, but regardless, they should adapt or get left behind). Great fun is about to be had! thanks again

    • Thanks for this Ray, but we did have a look at iMustHave and it seems that they no longer offer iTunes vouchers? Or are we missing something?

  5. I am a Lawyer who specialises in IP law which is this area. Sorry to say Tim but NO, the person who is using the US Itunes account is not breaking the law in any way and cannot be prosecuted for piracy. The relationship with the ditributors and the manufacturers is a contractual one so it would be up to the ditributors to take issue with Itunes not you the user. The South African who has opened an Itunes account in the US has not broken any criminal law but has breached the terms of the Itunes T’s&C’s which again is contractual and not criminal.

    In a nut-shell you cannot be prosecuted for downloading music you have paid for via the US Itunes store like using a torrent to download pirated music. You have paid the legitimate owners for the music and the legitimate licence holders have contractually breached their distribution agreement (if it specifically states ALL poduct) with their SA distributor which would mean they will need to sue their principal.

    It is no different from you purchasing a CD while on holiday in the US, you have not pirated the music. With digital music it is a bit tricky as you are still in SA when you purchased the music, then again you can order CD’s from say Amazon and have them shipped here and you just pay the duty on them, no law has been broken then.

    • Excellent insight into the situation Gus – thank you for sharing it with the community.

      Your points seem to reinforce the opinion that I had when I originally made this post – i.e. that the legalities of purchasing music this way are indeed very suspect. The iTunes T&C contravention notwithstanding, I still feel a heck of a lot better about purchasing my music this way, and not having to resort to the piracy route which is clearly wrong.

      Also, I still think that this sort of action should be a clear wake up call to those SA distributors and record license holders who continue to insist on pushing SA music consumers towards physical CDs in bricks & mortar stores. The sooner they accept that they need to cut their loses in their vested interests in physical CD production and distribution channels and invest in digital product distribution, the better.

      Thanks again for your thought son the subject.

  6. Hi,

    I tried the entire process and everything works fine up until the purchase. In the top right next to my email address in the app store I can see I have $10 credit, yet when I try to buy an app for $9.99 I get a pop-up asking for my ID and after I enter it it says I have insufficient credit for the purchase?

    What am I missing?


    • Howzit Gerhard,

      I’m not 100% certain, but I think you have fallen foul of US sales tax! Because not all states in the US charge sales tax, some that do don’t charge tax on digital products, and because those that do charge it have different tax rates (anywhere between 4% – 8%) iTunes lists prices as excluding tax. It’s all very confusing for the online shopper!

      The iTunes system will automatically add the correct tax amount to your purchase depending on the state which you have set as your home address, but only does this after the purchase is made at point of payment. I can’t understand though why you never get to see the actually product cost on your side.

      Found this post on the Apple support site:
      and this one, which lists US states that charge tax:

      The list (although it does change) looks like this:
      States That Tax Downloads

      These states have passed laws that impose sales taxes on digital products (keep in mind that digital products are defined differently in each state and some states tax only certain digital products and exempt others):

      District of Columbia
      New Jersey
      New Mexico
      North Carolina
      South Dakota
      Rhode Island

      Is your “home” state on there?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. You are 100% correct – I have NC as my state and ended up buying an additional voucher. The $9.99 ended up costing me an additional 67 cents. Still worth it though – thanks for an awesome tip.

        Was too scared to change my state before the purchase, lest I bugger something up – but will change it before my next purchase and hopefully avoid that tax!

        Thanks Again,


  7. I finally have an iTunes account thanks to this article! I purchased a voucher through EvoPoints and got my code immediately.
    No more disappointing and/or overly expensive trips to Look and Listen for me.


    • Did your code work on itunes?

  8. This is a question. If one has a SAfrican iTunes account and then creates a new US account as well – how does this affect the Syncing of one’s iPad or iPhone? Can one Sync. apps bought on both accounts?? Or will the apps and data from one account be lost if one syncs on the other account? Am new to all of this so would appreciate a reply as non technical as possibe. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Having trouble creating a USA apple account.
    Selected the free app and followed the process but got to the end and could not go further as there was a comment saying I had to contact the administrator.

    • Absolutely no idea what could have gone wrong for you Michael, sorry.
      Please let us know if you ever resolved the problem and managed to complete your account application.

  10. everything goes well but at the end it says something about itunes support so what shoukld I do now? please help

    • Hi Eddie
      Not to sure where you are stuck. There are a couple of tick box type confirmations throughout the process, from what I can recall. Some you have to accept, like the Terms & Conditions – others are optional, like the “do you want to receive updates and newsletters” type questions.
      I imagine the itunes support one is similar to these maybe?
      Let us know if you work it out.

      • I get the same problem, after entering the generated name and selecting ‘none’ as payment method, an error message appears on the right hand side of the payment method choices.

        “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction”

        I give up -_______-

  11. Hello guys. I’m wondering here: Perhaps this method works with other countries as well? I’m Brazilian and i can’t buy some apps because they are classified as “games” (even though they’re not). There are no other ppl distributing these apps here in Brazil, they are not avaiable just…well, just “because they aren’t”. Yeah, i know, sounds like bullshit. Anyway…I’m gonna give it a try when i get home. Thanks from Brazil.

    • Hey Diego
      Cant think of any reason why it shouldn’t work over in Brazil. (Or any other country for that matter.) It’s not a question that has ever come up before though, so if you do try it out please let us know how it goes.
      Good luck!

      • Guys i bought a voucher from an Alphacell touch screen machine which is cash. Eliminates the credit card costs and risks of someone hacking my credit card online. Much easier

  12. @Tim. The problem is bigger still. People don’t go this route, and decide to go 100% legal and buy from the brick and mortar shop. They pay shop, shop pays record company, and that’s where it ends. Record company doesn’t pay NORM, NORM therefore can’t pay the publishing companies. The artists and songwriters, which is where the money is supposed to go, get zip. The majority of the record companies in this country can’t or don’t pay their royalty bills. This way round, the artist and songwriter will see their money. Bring on the change! At some point, a power that be will change the law, and everybody will win, except for the record companies, who have been screwing artist for decades! Viva iTunes!

  13. I tried it and it did not word,when I clicked create Apple ID after filling out everything perfectly it said I have to contact iTunes support to complete the transaction…Do I AVE to buy a voucher and enter it’s code for the whole application(to USA iTunes store) to work?

    • Hi Jacques

      We’ve been seeing a number of similar reports recently. It seems as if the iTunes Account server is tracking account creation attempts (either via info entered on the application form, browser cookies, ip addresses, or email addresses).

      What I’ve heard is that after 2-3 failed attempts to create an account the user is locked out of the process and receives the message that you did.

      Solutions to the issue range from creating the account on a different machine, doing it directly on your idevice, clearing your browser cache, using a different browser, and even reinstalling iTunes as a new installation.

      Someone also reported that all they did after getting a similar message was to change the address and telephone number on their registration form, and then resubmit it. Amusingly, they used the address for Apple HQ:

      1 Infinite Loop
      CA 95014
      Number: any random 7 digit no.

      Let us know if and how you resolved your problem please. Good luck!

  14. I used the cheapcodes website to buy a voucher. They sent me a code, and when i try to redeem, it says its not a redeemable code. Very upset..

    • Morning Dewald

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems getting your voucher redeemed – pretty frustrating I’m sure.

      The only thing that I can think of that may be a possible cause of your problem is that your iTunes Account is not setup in the US iTunes Store. As far as I know, cheapcodes only provide vouchers for the US store, and the vouchers are not redeemable on any other store.

      I’d confirm that you are trying to redeem the code in the correct store, and if so, then give the guys at cheapcodes a shout. They are well regarded merchants, have a great reputation amongst local buyers, and I’m sure that if the problem is on their end they’ll fix you up.

      Try dropping them a note via their contact form here:

      And please drop back here to let us know what the problem was and if it was resolved.

      • Morning

        I am on the US itunes store. Been using it for a while now. The error message reads “The code you entered is not recognized as a valid code.” I’ve already mailed them twice. Will let you guys know what the problem was. Good day!

        • Hopefully it’s nothing more than a simple code error – a 0 instead of an O for example. Cheapcodes administration runs from 10am only, so hopefully they’ll get back to you in the next hour or so.

        • LUCKILY it was a simple code error from there side PHEW. Good day.

          • Lekker! Glad to hear it’s sorted. Happy iTunes Shopping! 🙂

  15. Hi
    I’m trying to register on to iTunes via USA, i did everything the forum told me to do but after i put in the USA address and all that is required then when i press Create Apple ID i get a message saying PLEASE contact iTunes support to complete this transaction.
    So what do i do now.

    Please Help


    • Hi Sandra

      It sounds like you are having similar issues to those experienced by Jacques (just above your comment: He unfortunately never let us know if he ever sorted things out. Perhaps give some of the suggestions in the reply to him a try, and let us know what happens for you?

      • Okay
        I am so pleased with myself right now……………. i got it to work Yippy
        I could jump for joy wait i am jumping

        Went to
        Clicked on Create an Apple ID
        Filled it in, then Clicked Create an Apple ID after i filled in all the details.
        Then it told me that my email address already has an Apple ID.
        So i went to check my email and there it was an email telling me to Verify my email. Clicked on it and wala.
        Then went to iTunes and tried to log on it told me i had to complete my account……..but then they wanted a credit card number so i went out.
        Went to There i went all the way down till it says GIFT CARDS i clicked on redeem iTunes Gift card….toke me back to my iTunes told my to complete my account and wala, it went thought and gave me my credits.

        I hope it works for you guys to.
        I had brought a Gift Card already so i had one, to redeem


        • Most excellent Sandra! Really glad that it’s working for you now.
          Thanks too for the detailed “how I did it” info – I’m sure it will help others in the future.
          When you have used up your gift card and are ready to buy another, be sure to check out our list of SA based iTunes Voucher vendors here: . While all of them on that list provide solid service and decent pricing, I personally love the service given by WildTwig ( I can buy vouchers directly from my ipad browser, and simply by clicking on the voucher code that I get immediately the voucher is redeemed and my iTunes account recharged.
          Happy iStore shopping!

  16. Greg, can you please help. All the suppliers says “Vouchers out of stock” even WildTwig. Can you perhaps shed some light on why this is?

    • Curious indeed Hannes. I’ll put a couple of email feelers out and see what the vendors can tell us…

    • And once again Kelvin over at WildTwig is first off the mark (and people wonder why I support WildTwig so much…:) )

      Here’s his response:

      Hi Greg,

      We’re back in stock of the $25 and $50 cards. $10 and $15 will be back in stock by late tonight. It’s a classic case of demand outweighing our ability to supply and I guess all suppliers struggle with this at points. We tend to restock within 24 hours though and we post updates on our twitter account – @wildtwig

      I hope that helps!


      Enough said!

  17. Thank you very much Greg, You should charge for your speedy replies and good advice!

  18. Thank you for this post! I have just used to buy a 10$ voucher (only one they had available!) and it stated that my card would be debited for R110… nope… R114.53. I then went onto the App Store and purchased a game for $4.99 but it debited my account $5.43. Is this normal? I’m a novice to iPad. 🙂

    • Hi Sally & welcome to The BlaBla Blog

      First off, I cant understand the difference between the price on the iEverything site and what you were charged. My best guess is that it has something to do with the US Dollar-SA Rand exchange rate. I’d drop them a note via their Support email to query it though if I was you: (And let us know what transpires for others who have the same issue please :))

      The price difference between the AppStore and what you were debited I can tell you about with a little more certainty though… The 9% increase is in all likelihood State Sales Tax charged on digital downloads. If you scroll up towards the top of this comments list you’ll find a similar question from Gerhard (here’s a direct link to the right comment: If you have a look at the list of states that charge digital sales tax in our reply to his comment I’m pretty certain you’ll find the state you used when you created your US iTunes Account.

      Happy iTuneing!

      • Hi Greg
        Thanks for getting back to me. I sent an email to them and this is the reply I got:

        Hi Sally,

        Thank you for making contact with us!

        I had a look at your order and I can confirm that we submitted a request for R110.00 only to Moneybookers. Your card is charged by Moneybookers and the entire transaction involving the charging of your credit card is handled by Moneybookers. We do not process, store or have access to any of your financial information. That is handled entirely between Moneyboorks and your bank.

        If I may, I could suggest making contact with Moneybookers ( and requesting them to confirm the charge on your card. I would really like to be able to resolve your query, but as I mentioned, we have no contact with your financial information or the processing of your transaction. Our system just receives a response from Moneybookers if your transaction was successful, instructing it to process your order and release your iTunes voucher PIN.

        I am really sorry that I can’t be of more assistance on the transaction, but Moneybookers will be able to confirm the charge for you if you contact them.

        Your order ID is: 100010261 and the Moneybookers transaction ID is: 677188202

        This information will help you when contacting Moneybookers.


        Braam S
        A proud member of the team

        Hmmmm…. I’m really unimpressed by that response! Anyways, thinks I’ll Wildtwig next time.

        Thanks again.


  19. I have an SA account on my ipad, but want to load a US account – is there anyway of having both as i dont want to lose my books apps etc that i bought using my SA account?
    Do you know of an iPad specialist in Johannesburg who helps people to get properly set up?

    • Hi Adrienne & welcome to The BlaBla Blog!
      My apologies for not replying to you sooner – I have been away for a little family break during the school holidays…

      You ask an interesting question, and assuming you haven’t resolved it yet, a little sleuthing turned up some interesting info for you to consider.

      First off, a comment I found on the Apple Support Forums:

      I have two accounts. I live in Japan and have one USA account with my USA CC and one JP account with my JP CC. I just log out of itunes and sign in with my other account when ever I want to switch stores. I have apps from both stores on my ipad and can use them freely with no problem or haveing to change the accounts once they are downloaded.

      Which sounds like exactly what you want. So how to make it happen….

      From, this info:

      Linking your iPad to your iTunes account is an integral part of the setup process if you want to be able to listen to your music, watch movies and TV shows or purchase apps. However, things can get a little complicated if you have more than one iTunes account or share your iPad with another person. If you want to change iTunes accounts on your iPad without losing movies and other content, log in and log out on your iPad and not in iTunes.

      That last bit seems to be the key. Switch accounts on the iPad itself. If you want to do this on a regular basis though, when linking up to iTunes on your PC, select the “manually manage this device” options as noted in the articles’ tips section. And always do a backup of your device before making any major adjustments – that way if it does go a little pear-shaped, you can always restore it back.

      The article is written specifically with movie purchases in mind, but should apply equally to your books and other apps. You can find its step-by-step guide here:

      Be sure to also read the “Tips & Warnings” at the bottom of that page – scroll past the big ad.

      Good luck, and do let us know how it goes please – I’m sure there are many others in a similar position.

  20. Hi Greg
    I bought iTunes voucher from Itunesvouchers last night at 8.34pm, and until now I’m still waiting, very disappointed, I asked for my money back, but still no reply, can you please help me! Thanks a lot

    • Hi Lynn, and welcome to The BlaBla Blog!

      Sorry to hear that you are having troubles with I have personally never used their services, so am unable to comment fairly. Based on your efforts so far, there’s not much else I can advise sadly.

      I have sent a message through to them to review your comment and give us a little feedback. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a while longer and allow them the opportunity to fix things for you.

      I’ll repost any response we get soonest.

    • Hi Lynn

      Our apologies that you haven’t been attended to. Please could you email your order number to and we will sort out immediately!

      Many thanks.


      • Thanks for getting back to us Donovan. Good to see such a quick response from you.
        Lynn, let us know when things are sorted.

        • Finally I got it Greg! Thank you soooooo much for your effort, really appreciate it so much
          Gonna try to use it now, hope it will work…lol

          • Happy to have been able to help Lynn. Glad it’s been sorted. Props to Donovan for sorting things out.

            Happy iTune shopping!


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