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Posted by on Feb 26, 2010 in BlaBla, Current Events, Humour | 2 comments

How Pres Zuma should have started his State of the Nation Speech

Yeeeeha!! ZA News is back! The irreverent puppet masters are streaming new ZA News episodes via YouTube and have a new format and layout to their site, which splits the daily broadcast into smaller, quicker to load segments. Already seen at least three new characters (Bafana coach Carlos Perreira, Charlize Theron and Eugene Terreblanche – drinking with Thabo!)

The usual cast are all back – Julius, Jacob and Helen are all there, as are Tata and Tutu in their own space.

Here’s a taster, showing just how President Zuma should have started his drab and boring State of the Nation address recently. If he had, I guarantee we would all have listened a lot closer to the rest of it…

Check out the new look ZANews site at, and visit the ZANewsTV channel on YouTube too.

Oh happy satire!


  1. Another worthwhile watch is the "Baby By Me" music video. JZ feat. Yo-Ju! Classic.

  2. "It gives me great pleasure to have this kind of intercourse with you.." BWAHAHAHA!! Brilliant stuff.

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