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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Current Events, Featured, People | 6 comments

How Osama Bin Laden Was Found

A leaked secret surveillance image secured exclusively by The BlaBla Blog shows how US National Security Agency, Defence Operatives and CIA Agents confirmed the location of Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout.Osama Bin Laden surveillance picture

Turns out that initial suspicions of the location of the Worlds’ Most Wanted Terrorist were initially triggered when the CIA secured GPS tracking information from Apple who had been monitoring the movement of the Bin Laden iPhone and iPad with its secret location tracking software. The devices (clearly visible in the lower right of the image) have not moved outside of the compound for over nine months and it is this information which raised the initial alarm bells at Apple HQ. As any Apple iPhone or iPad user knows, 90% of the value of owning one of these devices is being seen with it in your hands, in public.

The confirmation of his location came just a few days ago from Sony. Hackers who recently managed to comprise the PlayStation Network user database discovered that one of the 70 million sets of credit card data that they had downloaded belonged to a woman suspected to be Bin Ladens’ third wife. (It is thought that she is the woman on the left of the image watching as the obscured individual on the right loads PSN on the television set). The hackers did the right thing and passed this information onto the US Security Services who managed to confirm that the PlayStation 3 console was in close proximity to the previously identified Apple devices.

The rest, as they say, is history.

original image sources: arab family watching television, playstation network screen, ipad and iphone


  1. Wow this is interesting.
    Apple is tracking all iphone & ipad users? ipods too or can’t they track those?
    That does feel a bit creepy.

  2. *imagines Bin Laden and friends playing Call of Duty and Little Big Planet* Weird stuff of our world!

  3. great story!!!!!

  4. Now Obama is saying that they are not going to release pictures of the dead dude. I smell the conspiracy theories growing big time!

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