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Posted by on Jan 31, 2011 in Humour, Video | 2 comments

Hot Girls with Lightsabers

imageIt’s a classic tale…

Guy goes into a bar and catches the eye of not one but two hot girls. Hot girls decide to handle things with a good old chick fight. Except with lightsabers.

Produced by Danger Maiden Productions and Ariescope films, the mock commercial short film was shot in the famed Hollywood bar Whiskey A-Go-Go. (They serve their drinks in plastic cups so that bad music acts on their stage don’t get pelted with cans, bottles and glasses!)

It’s Hot Girls with Lightsabers. Enough said!

Off to find some of that “Saber” deodorant spray. And a bar that’s open…

Unleash the force within you indeed!


  1. Epic awesomeness!! Hot girls with lightsabres FTW!

    Thanks guys. This made an otherwise crappy Monday much better 🙂

  2. Come on people.
    It’s hot girls. With light sabres. In a bar. In their underwear. Fighting over a dude.
    Definite winner!

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