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Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Movies, Music, Video | 0 comments

Hollywood Made to March to a Different Beat

American marching bands have always held a bit of a fascination with me. The challenge of playing a musical instrument while in motion is already a large ask for most of us. Add in a need for choreographed, precision marching and sequenced movement, and up to a hundred other band members all moving around at the same time, and the tasks complexity becomes pretty ridiculous.

Then I come across this YouTube video of the remarkable half-time performance of the Ohio State University Marching Band (referred to as OSUMB) and my respect for these very talented groups of musicians and performers increases again.

When you realise that OSUMB perform a routine like this 8-minute Hollywood Blockbusters show at each of the Buckeyes’ home games, their skills become even more impressive.

See more OSUMB Half-Time shows on YouTube.

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