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Posted by on Nov 18, 2010 in Advertising, Featured, Music, Video | 12 comments

Hello – 8ta Advert Song Martin Solveig & Dragonette

The music used in advertising can often help cement a brand or product in consumer consciousness. And right now the talk of the town ( ~ I see what you did there! Ed. ~ ) is “Hello”, the musical backing to the new 8.ta television ad campaign.

It’s an undeniably catchy tune, with a chorus that hooks into your head and sits there for hours on end. That the music is accompanying some pretty slick animated graphics and that the lyric lines match the brand so well is pure advertising gold.

The track is from Parisian House DJ and producer Martin Sloveig and features Dragonette, a Canadian electro-pop collective. The single is presently also getting solid airplay on local radio, and the tie-in to the 8.ta campaign is somewhat obviously coincidental. The song will appear on Solveig’s next album (entitled Smash) but in the meantime we can enjoy it for more than 30 seconds in the official video – it’s definitely worth a watch.

The video features Martin playing tennis at Roland Garros against fellow DJ Bob Sinclar (yip, him of World Hold On fame) and has cameo appearances from pro tennis players Gael Monfils and Novak Djokovic. Solveig, in typical self-effacing style is loosing the match terribly until “she” arrives – why is there always a woman involved? Her presence gives him the motivation to play harder. The video ends though with a neat little twist – watch it.

Solveig’s generally unassuming nature and very un-international DJ superstar demeanour has earned him a lot of respect. His well behaved manner and unconcerned looks, coupled with his sense of self mockery has endeared him to many across the world. In 2009, he was awarded the Chevalier Des Arts et Des Lettres from the French Minister of Culture to recognise significant contribution to the arts, literature or the propagation of these fields in France. He solidified his position as one of France’s most respect modern artists when he received the Artiste de Musiques Electroniques de l’Annee at the French Victoires de la Musique earlier this year.

Now don’t be blaming us if you can’t stop singing “hello, hello, hello” all day long!

Yeah I think you’re cute but really you should know
I just came to say hello


  1. cool song. love the video. very funny & feel sorry for martin. if i were “she” i’d go for him and not the tennis player…

  2. love it love it love it!!

    • Hello. Hello. Hello Miranda!
      It’s like a echo in your head right? Right? Right?

  3. Love this tune. Weekend babeeee!!!!!

  4. How does one get the song?

    • Wait for the album to be released soon, or buy the mp3 single off of itunes or amazon maybe?

  5. Where can I see the ad? Someone please post a link. Thanks in advance.

    • Yes you do. So much of loving the song it seems 🙂

  6. Wow wouldnt love this song everytime i hear it i basicly scream in joy
    yeah i think your cute but really you should know i just came to say

    your alright but iam just your darlin to enjoy the party

    • Well in that case….

      Hello Abigail. How ya doin?!

  7. Are you a huge fan of Martin Solveig? Then, you’ll love this flash mob that is done to his totally energizing song, ‘Hello’. Warning – his song is going to stay in your mind all day:


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