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Hello Howzit!!

Claim Your Global Greeting!

We want to see if we can get at least one person per language to contact us and claim their greeting. If you do, and yours is the first claim, we’ll link the greeting to your comment, blog or a web page of your choice. If you speak the language, claim the greeting!


  • Sawubona
  • Howzit!
  • Tungjatjeta
  • Barevdzes
  • Marhaba
  • Servas
  • Salaam aleihum
  • Kaixo
  • Dobri Dzen
  • Namoshkar
  • Min ga la baa
  • Nei ho
  • Ni hao
  • Sanibonani
  • Waz Up?!
  • Dia dhui
  • Bok
  • Ahoj
  • Goddag
  • Hallo
  • Halo
  • Aksunai
  • Qanuipit
  • Dia dhuit
  • Ciao
  • Kon-nichiwa
  • Zdravstvuyte
  • Jambo
  • Hujambo
  • Hej
  • Sa-wat-dee
  • Hello
  • Tere
  • Salaam
  • Heippa
  • Yo!
  • Gamarjobat
  • Geia sou
  • Sziasztok
  • Dia duit
  • Ahnyong
  • Sveiki
  • Labas
  • Namaskaram
  • Czesc
  • Salut
  • Privet
  • Zdravo
  • Hola
  • Hej
  • Merhaba
  • Ha-se-yo
  • Salvëte
  • Ni hao
  • Salaam
  • Vitayu
  • Xin chào
  • Hylo
  • Sut Mae?
  • Sholem Aleychem
  • Dag se
  • Labas
  • G’day Mate
  • Privit
  • Dydd da
  • Mirëdita
  • Ahalan
  • Parev
  • Zdravei
  • Zdrasti
  • Nei Ho
  • Dobrý den
  • Ahoj
  • Goddag
  • Goede dag
  • Saluton
  • Bonjour
  • Guten Tag
  • Hieta
  • Gia’sou
  • Aloha
  • Shalom
  • Namaste
  • Jó napot
  • Góðan daginn
  • Howdy
  • Dzien’ dobry
  • Olá
  • Bunã ziua
  • Dumelang
  • Hey there!
  • Merhaba
  • Selam
  • Heita!

If we haven’t listed a greeting in your language, let us know what it is. We’ll add it to our list and give it to you. Drop us a note and let us know where you are in this weird, wonderful, wired world we live in. If it’s bold and linked, it’s already claimed!


  1. Holy crap! Who knew you could say howzit in so many ways?

    I'm in Joburg as well, and the 1st to say so! Give me a prize or something now 🙂

  2. How's it going there in South Africa? Sniffed out your blog via my human. She types for me.

    Cheers from Vancouver, BC, Canada!

    Franki V

  3. Hi from here – Cape Town rules!

    • Hi John & welcome to BlaBla.

      I must apologise for not giving Frankie V and Brutus the same welcome – I totally forgot that this page allowed comments!

      • pitty you cant deal with real queries and unhappy customers as quick as you can say hello to some random – well done

  4. I am shouting from Tzaneen, the Tropical Paradise.

    • <blockquote cite="#commentbody-486">

      Marirong :I am shouting from Tzaneen, the Tropical Paradise.

      LOL @ Tropicla Paradise!! Tzaneen?? No way! try Southbroom on the South coast – now here's paradise!

      Greetings to all the BlaBlaians!

      • Southbroom! Used to go there for school holidays as a kid. Very fond memories of that entire area – St. Michaels, Shelley Beach, etc.

        Thanks for stopping in Juli – hope we see more of you in the future!

    • Hi Marirong. Thanks for the shout. Tzaneen is pretty distant, so shouting was probably the only way we were going to hear 🙂

      Heading over to your new blog in a while to repay the courtesy.

  5. Namaste, Namaskara & Namaskaram to you from Delhi, India

    • Sanjay gets Namaste – not all three!

      Linked to your comment, but feel free to let us know if/when you want it pointed to a web site sometime Sanjay.

  6. Hi guys! I’d like to claim “Hey There”.
    I don’t have a blog or site though.

    • You got it Anne.

      Linked to your comment, but feel free to let us know if/when you want it pointed elsewhere.

  7. sadly dissapointed in the various entities that make promises and dont deliver then never actually get back to you to solve the query… oh well, skrewed once again! CONGRATS TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED – SELL DIRECT – 8TA – OH YA AND EM TELKOM should have known hey…. Once bitten twice shy!

  8. HALLO! That’s me claiming my native way. Dit is ja. =P

  9. SAWUBONA or rather SANIBONANI (greetings to a group) – 1 Love from a Zulu South African

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