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  1. I hope I am on the wedding guest list.

  2. Will there be beer? I like beer. I can only come to the wedding if there is going to be beer. And if I don't have to pay for it.

    • I agree, beer and Jagermeister. I will not have the meal if I can have free beer and Jager….

  3. yeah lots of beer. will let you know where and when

  4. yes there'll be Jagermeister as well. I'm having getting a priest.

    • We should do it at a secret location with a live webcast on blabla. Lets see if blabla is keen!

    • No bullshit here, I think this could work. We could seriously create some publicity with this! We should see if TOP BILLING would be interrested for their wedding segment. First man to marry his brand! Now that's commitment!

  5. I also know a journalist from media 24 who I can invite

    • We will punt it on the blogs and I am pretty sure it will get bigger than you think!

    • Imagine the potential for marketing the event to other brands for "placement" at the wedding…..


  6. I'll look at some dates today but don't want to wait too long

  7. What the crap just happened here?

    I politely ask for a little beer, step away for 15 minutes and all of a sudden I'm pod casting a wedding and having to entertain Top Billing and Media24 celebs?

    And I wasn't planning on showering or shaving for the rest of this month. Damn.

    At least Stef promised "lots of beer". Guess that'll make it okay then.

    • Better get that webcam out of the back room and give JASMIN the day off………


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