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Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in BlaBla | 6 comments

Hau! We Are Sorry

sorree No really, we are. Very sorry for swamping our email subscribers with new post notifications on Wednesday.

While we realise that Voted’s post about Winston and the pigeon vs. ADSL data delivery race was a very worthwhile read, we accept that sending you 29 email messages about was a bit much. Please accept our sincerest, humblest, most earnest apologies.

It seems that something ugly went wrong with our Post Notification system, and it got stuck in a loop, resending the same message over and over. We’ve disabled the troublesome piece of code and will keep it off until we sorted it out.

As we speak, the humans responsible for this abusive action are being firmly attached to stakes out back, in preparation for a severe whipping with my collection of whips and chains!

We’ll not reactivate the plug-in until we know what went wrong and what we can do about. Unfortunately, this means that our valued email subscribers will not be receiving new post notifications for a while.

In the interim, we recommend that you rather subscribe to the BlaBla Blogs’ RSS feed system – this seems to be a lot more reliable.


  1. *VOTED! takes off is hat, bows his head in shame and walks away skulking*

    Yet, on a possitive note, the code must have been sorted out cause I got an EMAIL notification of this post!

  2. Odd, you shouldn't have?

  3. Curious… What exactly is the function of this site? And can you / do you have any influence on blogsite (i.e. get them to fix the mess?)

    • HeLlo FliMflAMfLiK. hELL tHaT Is An OdD wAY TO tyPe YOur nAMe. TakEs mOre tImE THaN SeEMs reAsOnaBLe.

      And it's hurting my head now, so I'm not going to carry on doing it.

      I'm going to leave your first question to be answered by our sage Editor-In-Chief, Zen Guru and Spirit Guide, BlaBla. He'll be able to explain it with much more clarity and insight than I.

      As for your second question: What ever gave you the idea that we have anything at all to do with them over there?

      Errrr…. No we can't / No we don't (i.e. No we can't).

  4. Some of the bloggers from there are here commenting. One has a badge linking right here. I read something ages ago about how blabla trashed them and now there's links etc. I'm not all that knowledgable when it comes to who "is-in-bed-with-whom" in the blog-site business and when I saw the badge on the site, I thought there was something going on. Never know these days…

    I'm hunting for a new blog. I thought this was a new blogsite but it seems I'm mistaken.

    Please forgive my ignorance!

    By the way – I LoVe tHe WaY mY nAME Is tYpEd… tAke A dISpriN…

    • Ahhh, now I see where you got the idea from.

      We've always happily taken comments from anyone, and freely allowed them to link back to their websites/blogs (as you have). A number of our visitors happen to have blogs on Letterdash.

      When LD went through its recent "upgrade" and a number of bloggers there became disheartened with the "new & improved" system, we offered to provide some with a temporary blogging home here. At the time, only one took us up on the offer, and then only on a limited basis – as in he decided to join our group of Authors, and not a separate site. In return for the space, he agreed (voluntarily) to place a link, and then later, a BlaBla badge on his LD page.

      Our "trashing" as you call it of LD was, on the contrary, an opinion based piece, that simply noted, on a public platform outside of the Letterdash walls where it needed to be said, the frustrations and concerns that a number of bloggers were expressing to us. It remains a highly recommended piece of reading. Especially as it seems (based on your own recent post there) that a number of the issues that we raised way back then are still valid now:

      Recently we decided to offer BlaBla Author accounts to whoever wanted them, and ran an "Apply Here" type campaign for 10 days. In that time, we received a large number of applications, of which a number did come from other LD bloggers. Again, some of these have agreed to add our Badge to their LD pages, because they're nice that way, I guess?!

      For all of these, we have offered nothing more than an alternative outlet for their writing, with a very different, and wider spread of potential readers than what they presently have in the confines of the LD environment.

      No individual pages/blogs/sites, no special treatment for anyone, and no bells and whistles to play with. The writing is what matters here, not the way the writing looks. Everything goes into the same post pot, and receives an equal focus on the site. There is no award for the most posts, the most views, or the most comments. It's not that we don't care about those things. It's just that they are inconsequential.

      There is no huge multi-person corporate powerhouse blog-site business here at all. We're just a couple of guys looking to have fun blogging. We are totally independent, non affiliated, private, unrelated and not connected to or any other form of media house or organisation. The only person I'm in bed with is my wife. BlaBla on the other hand is probably not as particular or choosy as I.

      And whilst this is probably flogging a dead horse,… we'd be happy to consider a BlaBla Authors' application from you, even though we've closed these for now. Here's a (secret) link to the form if you want to join us:

      Ignorance now understood.

      dISpriN tAkeN,


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