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Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in BlaBla, Blogging, Computing | 5 comments

Happy 1st Birthday BlaBla!

Yip, today is the official 1st Birthday of The BlaBla Blog!

image Whilst I’ve used the domain on and off for a number of years, it was only a year ago today that The BlaBla Blog in it’s present form took shape and began to operate as it is now. Hopefully it will continue in this vein for a long time still, and will become the leading independent infotainment blog in the country.

I’ll put together a more thorough post covering the highs and lows of Planet BlaBla over the last year a little later today. But in the meantime, let me just extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success over the last year. Without you, and our wonderful readers and commentators, we wouldn’t be here today – so all gratitude to you.

I’d especially like to acknowledge these individuals, some of whom don’t even realise how beneficial their support has been:

  • Voted!, (@bornfreesa) for his ongoing contributions, support throughout the year, and for his ever faithful dedication to the BlaBla cause.
  • The Only Cin, (@theonlycin) for her wonderful writing and the always inspiring and thought-provoking contributions she’s made here over the year.
  • Both JoBra and Stefanus Nel, for their irregular posts of news and insights from a perspective so different from my own.
  • White Sock Girl (aka Fabulous Bitch), for being there from the very beginning as a reader and supporter. And for persisting with tagging us with random Blog Awards, even though we don’t do anything with them!

Also worthy of mention in thanks:

  • Robert Bravery (@robertbravery), Nick Duncan (@Nicholas_Duncan) and Chris M. (@ChristopherM) all of whom have shared their insights, experience and knowledge of blogging so freely and so readily – it’s guys like these that make doing this such a richly rewarding experience for us.
  • And of course, our small but loyal group of regular comment-makers – we would be lonely without you!

So there it is – if I’ve forgotten anyone significant, my apologies.

Remember that you too can become a regular part of the BlaBla Family by following us on Twitter (@BlaBlaBlog) and by Liking us on FaceBook.

Happy Blogiversary BlaBla!


  1. Happy birthday Mr. BlaBla, happy birthday to you…….

  2. Thanks y’all.

    Amazed the a year has passed so quickly, and am fairly pleased with the stuff we’ve been able to do in such a short time. And you can be certain that things will be getting bigger and better in the year ahead.

  3. Happy birthday BlaBla, strength to strength 🙂

  4. Awesome! Merry happy birthday BlaBla! Thanks to you for putting up with me in my on and off way. We can like to like you guys! Heita!

  5. Hey! I clearly missed the party, or my invite got lost in the mail maybe? Either way, Happy Birthday Blabla dudes!! Got any cake left over?


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