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Posted by on Jun 14, 2009 in Blogging, People | 0 comments

GWF: Planes, Flames and Automobiles

planecrash All of those involved in the dramatic story of the light aircraft that crashed into a bakkie last Sunday afternoon are the recipients of our inaugural BlaBla Blogs’ Good Week For Award.

The fact that the incident involved some of South Africa’s best known and most popular bloggers and web 2.0 personalities makes the award that much more significant.

The remarkable story made the front page of Mondays’ edition of The Times, illustrated with Craig Rodneys’ dramatic pictures alongside. This also appeared in Mike Stopforths’ blog entry about the incident, which he made in the wee small hours of Monday morning.

In what may initially sound so unbelievable as to be fiction, (so much so that one of the comments on the post attest that “the flames look like they’ve been Photoshopped in!”) Mike describes the scene with such vivid detail and clarity that it would pointless for us to even try to capture it here. Take the link and read his post for yourself, if you haven’t already done so.

The story of the heroic rescue of the pilot and passenger of the plane by Nic Haralambous (another notable SA blogging personality) and Jono Herbst of Pure Rush is the stuff of true legend. It is, in our opinion, only due to their fast and selfless actions that no lives were lost in this accident. Add to that the flying skill of the pilot who managed to avoid the group on the ground, and we have an incredible combination of factors that really captures the spirit of humanity in all these people.

GWF-Plane Hits Bakkie Heroes For their heroics and the fact that through their actions everyone came away from the incident shaken but relatively unscathed, we’d like to give our first

BlaBla Blogs’ Good Week For Award to

All Those Involved in the Plane Hits Bakkie Saga.

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