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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Wine | 0 comments

Graca Gets Screwed But Carries On Laughing Anyway

graca-screwtopGraça,  the “talking, eating, drinking, laughing, singing, sharing wine”, has switched from its traditional cork closure to a screw cap.

To mark the move, wine lovers will notice a special cork key ring adorning every bottle from mid-June. Featuring the message “Soon to be Extinct”, the limited-edition packs are intended to draw attention in a humorous way to the need to protect cork trees but also the advantages of screw caps.

Research shows that screw caps generally make for taint-free wines that maintain flavour and freshness
Vanessa Kok
Graça brand spokesperson

Hmmm. Saving Cork Trees Are We?

Whether there’s absolute value in this advertising approach is open to discussion. The arguments for and against screw cap closures for wine have raged on for many years, and will continue to do so I’m sure. The counter-eco opinion is that the mining and manufacturing processes that are needed to produce metal screw caps is in its own way an extremely environmentally unsound practice.

The results of an independent life cycle analysis of wine closures conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers clearly demonstrate that natural cork is the best wine closure in terms of environmental performance.

The year-long study found that CO2 emissions — a key factor in global warming — resulting from the life cycle of a screw cap are 24 times higher than those from a natural cork stopper, while a plastic stopper is responsible for 10 times more CO2 than a natural cork. and

Also, as far as my (sometimes questionable) memory has it, I’m fairly sure Graça moved from natural cork to plastic stoppers a good couple of years ago?

Who Cares? It’s Still Lekker Drinking Wine!

Graca with screwcap and cork keyring (LR)Too right it is! And with around 2-million bottles being sold every year, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so.

Graça was launched in 1983 as South Africa’s first Mediterranean-style white wine. Light, fresh and youthful in style, it was inspired by the famous vinho verde wines of Portugal. The brand has built up a loyal following of consumers based on its compatibility with virtually any food, but especially seafood. Graça Rosé was launched in the early 1990s and proved to be an immediate hit amongst consumers.

Both the white and rosé will come closed under screw cap. The white is a zesty, refreshing blend of Sauvignon blanc, Colombard and Semillon. The tangy rosé is made from Sauvignon blanc, Semillion, Colombard and Pinotage. Graça and Graça Rosé sell for around R28 a bottle.

The “Laughing” Part Is The One We Like

Graça has also announced a three-year sponsorship involvement in the popular Nando’s Comedy Festival that takes place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban during August and September.  Graça will be the official wine sponsor of the annual festival.

They’ll also become the headline sponsor of the Comedy Showdown feature of the main Nando’s Comedy Festival.  The Showdown initiative is intended to give a platform to up-and-coming comedians to strut their stuff in the three major cities five weeks prior to the main festival.  The winner in each city will be rewarded with a show during the main festival.  Go to for more.

Our sponsorship of the Nando’s Comedy Festival from 2012 to 2014, enforces the brand’s positioning as an unconventional South African wine which made an impact with its unpronounceable name, unique bottle shape, hand-drawn label and very distinctive advertising line that has been retained since its launch almost 30 years ago.

So, go get a limited edition bottle, empty it as required and pocket the “almost extinct” plastic cork key ring for prosperity. And remember the talking, eating, drinking, laughing, singing and sharing part!

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