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Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Greg, Technology | 11 comments

Google or Yahoo or Bing? Who Cares? Search The Yabigo Way

The internet is a competitive place. In fact, the world of technology in general is. So much so, that this competitive nature often spills into our social worlds.

Consider how often you’ve had ‘conversations’ of the PC versus Mac sort. Microsoft versus Apple. Even the relative pros and cons of Internet Explorer over Firefox over Safari over Chrome are frequently referred to as the “Browser Wars”.

How about iPhone versus Any Other Phone? (And now we can even add the new Google NexusOne into that discussion too.) In these debates there is hardly ever a middle ground taken by anyone. People are either strongly in favour or decidedly anti.

To Bing or Yahoo or Google? That is the search query.Added to these techno-squabbles is the long-running Search Engine War. The big three of Yahoo!, Google and Bing (the rebranded MSN search engine) have been slogging things out for search supremacy for a number of years.

Google is the heavyweight amongst the challengers, having rapidly risen to global search prominence. The Big G holds a comfortable 90%+ market share with Yahoo! and Bing both claiming around 3.5% each. (*Stats Sourced from StatsCounter Global Stats Dec 2008 – Jan 2010)

Fortunately internet users do not have to take sides in this battle. And while getting users to move away from Google and to even try one of the other engines is a near pointless task, it sometimes may benefit you to try your search on one of the others. Even if it is to just to see if any web sites rank equally well across all three.

Yabigo: Judicious use of search terms can get you a number one ranking on all three search engines! But repeating the same search three different times is a huge waste of time, energy and attention-span. Which is where Yabigo comes to the party. A single search entry submitted to the Yabigo meta-search engine, and a single screen of results is delivered showing the search hits from all three of the big three – Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Results are displayed in individual columns for each engine, and each result is cross-referenced with the other two and you are told where else results were found.

In other words you get the best of three worlds – go give it a try.

(The Yabigo developers also clearly have a sense of humour – enter a search and select the “Share Search” button. Watch the two “instructional videos” that play the second is especially funny.)


  1. Dude try BLINK STEFANUS and see how many times BLABLA comes up.

    • I can like to like it!

  2. I just figured out why they decided on that order for their name. Other wise it would be called Ya, Go Bi or Go Bi, Ya!


  3. just testing mobile commenting

    • It works.
      How's the mobile site looking? What phone and browser are you using?

  4. Very good I must say. Running a Nokia N82 with built in browser. Looks better on the N71, waiting for my new N72…….

    • Me want one too! A N72 that is. Cos that's a really old and cheap phone. Or did you mean E72 maybe? Cos I'll have one of those too please.

      Disabled the Disqus system – turns out that it can't handle multiple authors on the same blog, so would be a bit silly for BlaBla at this point. Will carry on investigating it though, because it does seem to be becoming a bit of a standard around the internetwebs and all.

  5. works using opera 10 for mobile browser as well. post list on main page then the full post when u click on a link. images are also auto reduced in size, posts load fast enough. no problems here!

    • Thanks for the feedback Fredel, it's much appreciated. I take it that the comment system is also working on Opera 10?

      Now all I need is one of those trendy folk with an iPhone to let me know what things are like on it…

  6. I like to compare Google and Bing every now and then, to see how Bing is catching up (in this post I compared “Apple” queries 🙂, Tabigo is cool but I like to spot changes in layout and other visual aspects that can affect user adoption, or what related searches are shown, etc.

    • Hi Daniel

      Your article is very interesting, and highlights a couple of things that I've noticed here at BlaBla as well:

      Google picks up our posts very quickly; most are on the search listings within an hour of post time. Bing seems to take a lot longer in picking up new posts.

      Getting a good ranking on the Google 1st page is achievable in most cases without over emphasizing the SEO technicalities. Good titles, good post tags, relevant copy all work fine. (At least for us.)

      Bings' results layout and added site information (the slide-outs to the right of the results that give you a summary of the page) are fantastic. I am starting to find that searching using Bing is a lot more productive as the number of dud sites I need to visit before finding what I want is greatly reduced.

      All in all, Google remains the heavyweight, but like you, I am going to be watching Bings' development and uptake closely.

      Thanks for the visit & the comment.



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