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Posted by on Jul 7, 2009 in Random | 2 comments

Girlie Pics on Google Image Search: Fail

Sometimes using Google, and in this specific case, Google Image can go horribly wrong…

I was looking through the Blogs stats earlier, and came across an entry that caught my attention as it was the first time I had seen a search referral from Google Image. We get many of our visitors arriving via the main Google search engine. In fact, we have had some amazing results from it recently. (More on this in a future post perhaps…) But the entry from Google Image was a first. Also, I’d never noticed any hits from the Saudi Arabian domain of .sa so had to investigate.

I tracked the search query down, and this is what I found:

Google Image Search Fails Saudi SurferThe Arabic is entirely beyond me, but the screenshot does show that the searcher was looking for images using the terms “girls without any clothes” as his/her criteria. The BlaBla Blog page he had returned by Google Image contains an image of a “little girl praying” that Greg used on his A Daughters Fathers’ Day Prayer post.

The post does use the word “girl” in the image tag, and the almost identical phrase “without any clothes” in the text of the post, so the result from Google Image does make some sense. Sadly for the Saudi surfer though, I sincerly doubt that the image we served up for him/her was hugely gratifying.


  1. If he was trying to get pictures of under-aged girls without clothes, then Thank You Google!

    If he did not mean under-aged girls, and he was just purely horny, then well, I don't like Google anyway! We are still broken up!

    • Good point WSG – if he was then I agree – good move Google!

      Sorry to hear that you and Google are still in disagreement. Mind you, with all the great reader reviews on your Blog, I don't think you really need them.

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