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Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Business, Fashion, Fashion | 1 comment

GASPs Fashion Forward Television Spokesperson Justifies Their Gaffe

~ This post is a follow-up to our earlier post “Gasp! Of Dead Flamingo Dresses, Retail Superstars and PR Brand Fails”. You may want to read that one first to understand the background.~

For those still doubting the validity of the recent GASP Melbourne store versus the Undesirable Customer, here are a couple of video clips highlighting the story from Australian television.

Firstly, a fairly tongue-in-cheek approach on Australia’s Channel 10 7PM Project.

Their story covers the original background to the incident, highlights the resulting internet and social media fallout, and also has interviews with both the offended shopper Keara O’Neill, as well as the GASP Area Manager Matt Chidgey (who, it is thought, may well be the author of the original GASP response email, despite his denial in the interview.)

Love the lady who asks “Are all people in fashion wankers?”

A little less irreverent is this Sunrise TV insert from Channel 7. Again, Matt Chidgey gets airtime and an opportunity to try to defend his actions. “Being bullied and negative comments won’t be tolerated in our stores,” has to be his standout quote. Especially when you realise that he is referring to comments from store visitors and not to the attitude and approach of his staff.

(Apologies for the slow load of this video – it is streamed directly from the site and doesn’t seem to buffer very well at all.)

In both interviews, the GASP spokesperson/representative spends time justifying his “retail superstar” and the tone of their email response. His unbelievable arrogance towards the end of the interview as he thanks O’Neill for helping to “pack all our stores” is laughable. As is his “fashion forward” hair style.

1 Comment

  1. What a silly tosser this bloke is. Arrogant and idiotic to the last. To his credit, at least he is defending the sales bloke and the company. Probably just realising though that his job is on the line and that he’s unlikely to find another – certainly not in retail PR.

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