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Posted by on Oct 9, 2009 in Photography | 5 comments

Friday Photo 6: Gothic Moon

Earth’s closest neighbor is holding a secret. In 1999, hints of that secret were revealed in the form of concentrated hydrogen signatures detected in permanently shadowed craters at the lunar poles by NASA’s Lunar Prospector. These readings may be an indication of lunar water and could have far-reaching implications as humans expand exploration past low-Earth orbit. The Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission is seeking a definitive answer. – Nasa

At about the same time that this post is going out, NASA will ‘bomb’ the moon with the LCROSS payload in its’ continued efforts to confirm the presence of water on the moon. To mark it, I give you “Gothic Moon”.

(c) Greg Pillhofer, 2009 - "Gothic Moon" Getting an interesting photo of the moon has been something that I have tried to do for a while. They are either blurred due to camera-shake, over exposed, or just plain boring. This one though, I think, has an interesting gothic vampires are roaming sort of feel to it. The fact that I shot it near midnight probably adds to my sense of it.

Taken through a small break in the clouds at the end of a wet, totally overcast weekend in Mpumalanga. Clicking the image should enlarge it on screen. I’d appreciate any comments and thoughts as usual.

“Gothic Moon” © Greg Pillhofer, 2009
Original Capture 03/10/09 – Blue Mountain Lodge, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Canon EOS350D | f/5.6 | 1/3 sec | ISO400 | 185mm | No flash

[Voted! posted a set of links to the NASA live broadcast this morning: See here for details]


  1. I love this photo! It’s very spooky.

    Apparently, the moon receives about 4 hits a day much worse than what NASA is inflicting as we speak! This being from space rocks and other materials floating around.

  2. I like it; very moody.

  3. That is well spooky. I can picture Edward and Bella making out under a moon like that. 😉

    • Another Twilight fan? You lot  are getting more  than Harry Potter fans!

  4. Very eerie indeed. Think it would make a good CD or book cover maybe?

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