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Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Featured, Photography, Travel | 4 comments

Friday Photo 38: Something Fishy Near Louisa Creek

Something Fishy Near Louisa Creek (c) Greg Pillhofer, 2010, 2011

Yes indeed, it is exactly what it looks like: a dead fish hanging from a road sign.

A filleted dead fish. Left to slowly rot on a road sign. Near the town of Louisa Creek. Which is in Australia. Which explains a lot I guess.

Louisa Creek is in northern Queensland on the eastern Australian coast. The area is a coastal support, resource and distribution centre for a lot of Australian mining interests. The Hay Point Coal Terminal, one of the largest such facilities in the world, is just a few kilometres away from where this picture was taken. The whole area has a sort of “outback-on-the-sea” vibe going for it.

My elder brother, who was tour guiding me at the time, suggested that the custom was followed by the local fishermen to indicate where the best fishing was in the area to their colleagues. Whatever the reasons for the practice, it’s definitely a regional thing – I never noticed it happening anywhere else on any of my Aussieland travels.

Aussies are weird. At least some of them.

“Something Fishy Near Louisa Creek” © Greg Pillhofer, 2010-2011
Original Capture: 12 December 2010, , 16:47 – Mackay area, Australia
Canon EOS 350D | f/10| 1/160 sec | ISO-200 | 28mm | No Flash


  1. What a strange custom. It seems like something out of the backwoods of redneck country.

  2. This just destroyed any hope of fish for dinner tonight 🙁

  3. That’s one damn ugly fish. Us Aussies can’t be beaten for originality!

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