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Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Art, Featured, Photography | 3 comments

Friday Photo 37: Flea Circus in the Sand


This magnificent sand-sculpture was part of an exhibition entitled “Creepy Crawlies” that I saw during the family’s recent trip to Australia. It depicts a literal ‘flea circus’ complete with tents, roller-coaster and cheerful little Ring Master on the back of a rather despondent dog.

In addition to my awe at the incredible talent of the sculptors in creating these huge temporary masterpieces, it was the dogs’ expression in this one that really attracted me to it. You can almost hear him thinking about the raw deal he got, having to carry this bunch of irritating fleas around on his back.

He was created by Dutch sand artist Susanne Ruseler, and was on display as part of the annual Sand Sculpting Australia exhibition put on in Frankston, a small coastal town on Port Phillip Bay, south of Melbourne.

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“Flea Circus in the Sand” © Greg Pillhofer, 2010
Original Capture: 29 December 2010, , 14:45 – Frankston, Australia
Canon EOS 350D | f/10| 1/250 sec | ISO-100 | 21mm | No Flash


  1. Very nice picture dude! I didn’t get to see this/last years display but have been to check out one a couple of years ago. And you’re right that the sculptures are very impressive. And big! Can’t really tell how big this one is from your picture but I recall some of them being easily 5m and more in height.

  2. That’s made from sand?! Wow. Incredible.

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