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Posted by on Jun 25, 2010 in Families, Featured, Greg, Journal, Life, Photography | 6 comments

Friday Photo 29: Happy Birthday Dad

This dusty bottle of 1984 Meerlust Merlot is the gift I bought to give to my father on his 50th birthday. That was exactly 19 years ago. Today he would be celebrating his 69th birthday.

My dad loved red wine. He introduced me to its’ subtle pleasures and we shared his Bacchanalian passion freely and often on long Sunday afternoon visits. It’s a love I still have.

In my rush to get to his 50th birthday celebrations, I inadvertently forgot my gift for him at home. Three short weeks later he was killed in a motorcar accident. I never got the chance to get this bottle to him. It’s been in my wine rack ever since.

I doubt I’ll ever drink it.

Dusty Wine Bottle (c) Greg Pillhofer, 2010 Happy birthday Dad.

“Dusty Wine Bottle” (c) Greg Pillhofer, 2010
Original Capture: 20/06/2010, 20:45 – Johannesburg, South Africa
Canon EOS 350D | f/4 | 1/3 sec | ISO-400 | 25mm | No flash


  1. I like this post and I know how you feel. I always remember the day my dad was born. I think it was a perfect day ( : I don't know when he died. It's many many years ago but it's not a day I want to remember.

    Maybe one day something amazing will happen, something that you know he would have been super proud of. Maybe then you'll open it.

    • Thanks Stefanus. It's weird that even after so many years have passed we still recall the day our fathers' were born. I hope my daughter does the same for me.

      She'd better! 🙂

  2. I agree with STEF. Having known your dad and having been at that 50th party ( I am pretty sure there is still a picture of me jumping off the speaker stacks on the stage during a THUNDERSTRUCK mega thrash around somewhere) I am pretty sure he would have rather have you drink that wine than leave it to be wasted…..

    I am sure the reason for drinking it will one day arrise, and on that day, JUST DO IT, and enjoy it. Rather you than someone else who might not understand the moment.

    I have a bottle of SINGLE BARREL JACK DANIELS chosen and signed by JIMMY BEDFORD when he came to SA and did our master taster classes. I never intended to give that to anyone, but am waiting for that moment I know will come……

    In fact thanks BIG "G", this post has given me an idea.

    • Na-na-na-nana-na-na! THUNDER! Yeah, it was a pretty fun party for an "old toppie's jol" at the time.

      I think you're right – there'll be a reason to crack it open soon. And when it comes it'll be another memory worth savouring.

      Thanks for the perspective mate.

  3. I think he'd be frightfully cross if you waste such a good wine. Drink it and keep the bottle on your desk as a vase that always holds a perfect fresh rose. Listen to me, I'm older than you, some things I know more about.

    • Yes mom. Geez, you're bossy. LOL.

      I think you're right Cindy – he'd probably want me to drink it. And I think you, and the other guys, may have changed my mind about it actually.

      As the Master Merlot Mistress I'm sure you'll want to know how it was… 😉


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