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Posted by on Mar 5, 2010 in Greg, Outdoors, Photography | 2 comments

Friday Photo 22: In the Eyes of the Cat

This is Phoebe Katje, my daughters’ long-haired Persian cat. She’s two (human) years old. Everyone (including myself) thinks she’s a beautiful, cute, fluffy, adorable little kitten.

In the Eyes of the Cat (c) Greg Pillhofer, 2010

Her eyes sometimes hint at the feral evil that lines beneath the façade though. She’s a hunter of birds, tormentor of her elder by far senior house cat, and scavenger of food that doesn’t belong to her. Just stare into those eyes for a couple of seconds – you’ll see what I mean…

I liken her to Nermal, “the cutest kitten in the world” who appears in the Garfield cartoon strip. Conning everyone into buying into the cutest kitten schtick whilst secretly plotting to over through the household and build her empire from within.

I fear we will all eventually become her slaves.

“In the Eyes of the Cat” © Greg Pillhofer, 2010
Original Capture: 31/01/2010, 05:25pm – Johannesburg, South Africa
Canon EOS350D | f/5 | 1/50sec | ISO-400 | 52mm | No flash


  1. I also have Persian cats and they are the best. I’ve also made peace with the fact that the only reason cats don’t eat us is because we’re too big

    • Hahaha! I'm sure the thought has crossed Phoebe's mind as well.

      She's probably hatching a plan to cut us into bite-sized chunks as we sleep…

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