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Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Outdoors, Photography | 6 comments

Friday Photo 14: Like, It’s The Mountain Dude

Popular belief amongst some Capetonians is that Table Mountain contains crystals that vibrate in perfect harmony with the people of the city. Some take this belief so seriously that whenever they are away from The Mountain for any extended period of time, they start to feel ill, nauseous and depressed.

Like, shoo-wow dude, that’s like so deep.The-Mountain (c) Greg Pillhofer, 2009In Cape Town at the moment for a bit of a Mrs. Working/Family Getaway thing, so it is sort of appropriate that The Mountain that is Table Mountain makes a guest appearance on our pro-Jozi blog. To give it it’s due, Table Mountain does have this presence about it. Wherever you are in the Mother City area, it’s just there. Ever present. Looming.

The shot above was taken early morning from the balcony of the hotel we’re in down at the V&A Waterfront. The little “pimple” on the right-hand edge of the mountain is the upper station of the cableway, with Signal Hill at its’ base. Devil’s Peak is on the left, with it’s peak shrouded in cloud.

The flash looking building on the lower-right is the newish One&Only and because it’s in my shot it should be clear that we are not staying there! If you’re in CTown and need accommodation, rates at the One&Only over Christmas and New Year range from R8,000 for a standard room up to R55,000 for the Presidential Suite. Send us a postcard – it’s the closest we’ll ever get.

The final posted picture was tweaked a little to get it a little more dramatic looking, but not by much. As always, your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

“The Mountain” © Greg Pillhofer, 2009
Original Capture: 10/12/2009, 05:33am – Cape Town, South Africa
Canon EOS350D | f/5.6 | 1/100 sec | ISO400 | 28mm | No flash


  1. Very SHWEEEEEET pic dude. How is the whole "wittness cult" doing? Is there space for others up there yet?

    • Nice picture Greg, but this llink from Voted is amazing too! You can see a huge amount of detail in it. Cape town looks like a great place to visit. Maybe one day…

    • "No parade was peed on during the making of this post."

      Actually, those Virtual Africa guys have been doing a bunch of work on photographing CTown in HD recently. The link that Voted has shows some shots they took from in the city itself, but this link here:… shows a panoramic view of the city in what they're calling "hyper-definition". The result is a huge 9GB(!!) stitched image that is really very impressive. Go check it out:

  2. Makes me homesick.

    • Ahh, sorry about that Cindy. Didn't think that it would invoke memories of the homesick type.

      So, presumably you could tell us if being separted from the crystals in the mountain has made you depressed or ill at any stage?


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