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  1. A hint, my ZOOOOOOM lens is bigger than GREG’s

    • What is it with guys and size?? I'm sure that both of your 'zooms' are, well, adequate shall we say?

  2. Wait, wait… it’ll come to me… Ahh, of course. It’s a close-up of your foot-fungus, right? Clearly another thing of yours that’s bigger than mine. 🙂

    • My foot or my fungus?

    • Did the fowTOE spelling give it away?????

    • Both your foot and your fungus, you rascally little Hobbit you!

      "fowtoe" was the giveaway indeed.

    • You are WRONG, on both your guesses

  3. You guys are wrong.  It is a close up of chocolate cake batter!

    • No, not that either.

    • More like a Moon Pie batter,
      about to get splattered,
      with a rocket that shattered.

      I'm a poet and I don't even know it.
      I make a rhyme everytime!

  4. You guys are pretty funny! Is the thick black border a mark of respect for the cameras' imminent demise a few moments after this pic was taken?

    • That could be!

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