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Posted by on Jan 8, 2010 in Outdoors, Random, Voted | 4 comments

Friday Foto

I set a challenge to the other photo posters, most of whom are much better photographers than I could ever hope to be.

Yet, try beat this.

Taken on Christmas night.

A + 80 yr old Leatherback turtle laying over 120 eggs on the beach at Rocktail Bay Beach Lodge. We witnessed it ourselves and adopted her naming the massive 1.79m wide turtle Me-Shell.

Whats that on yer back? It’s Me-Shell you twit!

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  1. Me-shell = LOL! Very clever. So clever in fact that I bet your wife thought of it.

    Must have been a pretty awesome experience to see it happening. And on Christmas too. Plenty of room at that inn. 🙂

    • We must have seen atleast 10-12 sets of tracks on the night on the beach from Loggerhead turtles having come to lay eggs. It was an amazing place. Deep in the bush, no cell, no tv, just the family and beach as far as you can see!!!!!!!

      Oh yes and a tidy stock of ice cold ones I might add, along with a wine cellar that would make most collectors blush!

      We even snorkeld with pregnant raggy tooth sharks. Check the pics on FB.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fabulous place. Where exaclty is it located? Any chance of a web link to go with it?

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