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Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Sport, Wheels | 1 comment

Formula 1 and Motor Sport Fans Unite

We have a brand-new web site under development, and are looking for “Test Drivers” to check things out for us. Formula Fan hopes to become a leading motorsports community and will cater to speed freaks of all types.logo_1

To start with, and as part of the “pre-season testing” phase, we are using this weekends 2010 Formula 1 season opening race in Bahrain for a trail run – specifically of the Prediction Challenge element of the site.

View Formula Fanatics profile at so, Formula One will not be the sole focus of Formula Fan. The development plan will see the gradually introduction of a variety of formula and series both internationally and locally. Next on the roster is WRC info, followed by MotoGP and then some SA National Championship info. NASCAR, DTM and the Aussie V8 series will follow that. The hope is to eventually cover as wide a range of motorsports as possible – someone even suggested tracking karting and radio controlled racing – although this will all take time.

And community interest of course. Which is where you, dear supportive BlaBla reader, can help. Set up an account over at Formula Fan and get involved. Here’s FormulaFanatics’ welcome:

Formula Fan is being developed at the moment – lets’ call it our “Pre-Season Testing” phase – please expect delays and Safety Car periods, and even the occasional pit-stop catastrophe or red flag lap.

Feel free to create a user account to establish your Formula Fan presence, and take a look around the place. Join a group, or set up your own, and definitely enter yourself into our Formula 1 Predictor challenge.

Any comments, suggestions or system glitches you come across can be reported on our Site Development Forum.

Welcome, and thanks again for taking the time!

Now: Gentlemen Start Your Engines! And as Murray Walker used to say: “GO! GO! GO!”

You heard him: Go! Go! Go!

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