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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Joburg | 3 comments

FNB Stadium Soccer City Concert Parking Plan

Every time it’s the same thing: you dutifully buy your parking ticket from Computicket, you head off to the stadium on concert day, and then you get totally confused.

The ticket gives no clues with its poorly named parking area that doesn’t match anything you can see out of your window. The traffic police and sundry people trying their best to look busy but not actually giving a damn are clueless too. The unofficial “car guards / parking attendants” are out to scam you into parking in some random spot and then charging an extra R100 on top of it all.

In short, it becomes a general cluster-muck of complete chaos.

Big Concerts posted the image below to their Facebook page with the hopes of alleviating some of the chaos expected in the parking areas at tomorrow evenings’ Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Whether it helps or hinders remains to be seen…

National Stadium parking - click to enlarge


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  1. Okay, so maybe the plan is not that helpful….

    The parking plan only identifies R50 versus R120 parking areas. People have parking tickets from Computicket that say things like “FNB Stadium Precinct Parking – Golden Highway Parking / Precinct West” and “FNB Stadium Precinct Parking – Soweto Highway – Car / Precinct North” costing R50 but there are no R50 parking areas near these locations on the plan?

    Let chaos reign!

  2. “…a general cluster-muck”
    Haha. I see what you did there. From the last two times there for Gaga and Linkin Park with zero improvement to the parking system from one to the next, I sure am not expecting it to be any different tonight. Cluster muck for sure!

    • “Hand Solo” Haha, I see what you did there too 🙂
      How was the parking experience for you then?

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