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Posted by on Jan 28, 2010 in Greg, Sport, Wheels | 11 comments

First Look: Ferrari F10 (F1 2010)


Edit: The fantastic team at have put together a great collection of side-by-side comparisons of the 2009 Ferrari F60 and the new 2010 Ferrari F10: Go here to see them!

In anticipation of the official live reveal of Scuderia Ferrari’s entrant into the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship, (the Ferrari F10) here are some rough screen grabs of the new car, taken from the site earlier today.

ferrrarif12010-cThe biggest visual changes (to my very untrained eye) seem to be a slightly narrower vehicle, and major work on both front and rear diffusers.

ferrrarif12010-bIf you are wanting to follow today’s Press Conference and Reveal Show, the website is hosting a live streaming video feed from the Marenello circuit. It’s hoped that (weather permitting) Felipe Massa will also be able to put the new car around the circuit for the media. If this does happen it will also be covered on the web stream.

More technical details on the F10 to follow. Because I can!

All images are © Scuderia Ferrari, 2010


  1. Not a hope in hell this season. MERCEDES will rule this year!

    • Maybe they will, but only because of Michael "I owe everything I am to Ferrari" Schumacher. And only then if Felipe lets him.

      • No no, It's Ferrari who owes everything to Shumi isn't it.

        • Apologies to all our sensible readers for all this garbage spam in our comments. I'm going to have to manually block all this Comment Spam. Don't understand why the automated system is letting it through. I'll clean it up personally.

          Because I can!

    • oh dear looks like someone has fallen for the con… those are pictures of a brawn in 2010 colours – and unfortunately for merc they dont have the $400 million budget Honda put in making the masterpiece that was the brawn 09 car. as of now all we have to see is ferrari and please dont be so nieve as to think that they would have put everything on show – i am willing to bet that is what the car looked like a month or two ago. keep your eyes peeled for the valencia car – then we shall see the changes.

      • Teeheehee. 🙂 Silly Merc supporters – so easily fooled.

  2. I am clearly not in the know here because to me it looks exactly like every other F1 Ferrari car. And a lot like all the others as well – besides the color of course.


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