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Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Wheels | 2 comments

Ferrari F458 Italia. McLaren and Merc Se Moer!

Voted may have you believing that this months Frankfurt Motor Show will belong to the McLaren F1 and the Mercedes Benz SLS that he profiled last week. He’s horribly mistaken. It belongs to this:

Ferrari_458_Italia_2The Ferrari F458 Italia.

Ferrari_458_Italia_5“Innovative”; “A return to form”; “Schumachers’ input is clear throughout.” All observations made in reference to the new Ferrari F458 Italia launched today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The media statement released with these pictures explains the thinking behind the name:

“The new model is a synthesis of style, creative flair, passion and cutting-edge technology: characteristics for which Italy as a nation is well-known. For this reason Ferrari have chosen to add the name of its homeland to the traditional figure representing the displacement and number of cylinders.”

Ferrari_458_ItaliaThe new design and new engine combine with technical innovations brought in directly from the company’s Formula 1 experience. The most obvious of these appears in the form of the multi-purpose steering wheel and revised dash layout.

“Once again, input from Michael Schumacher – who was involved from the very start of the Italia project – played an invaluable part” says a spokesperson.

Schumacher, who was on hand at the unveiling at the Motor Ferrari_458_Italia_3Show, is also featured on the F458s’ official mini-site at Be sure to check out the section on Performance with him – amazing sounds and visuals.

The compact Pininfarina design shows an understated simplicity and lightness. This is carried through the aluminium chassis, and emphasises the projects focus on efficiency without compromise on performance.

The mid-rear mounted 4499cc V8 engine produces 425kW at Ferrari_458_Italia_49000 rpm but still boasts a respectable consumption figure of 13,7 litres/100km and a Governor Schwarzenegger-friendly emission standard of just 320g CO2/km. A top speed of 325km/h and a 3.4 second 0-100km/h sprint time mean that owners will still get the most of the machine on occasional track-racing days too.

More details and technical specs from Ferrari’s Press Release from the imageFrankfurt Motor Show.

Click on the images in the post for a full screen view. More pictures like these at Autoblog.

Going to get a cloth to clear the drool off my keyboard now.


  1. Indeed. Herr Schumacher is the man!!

    What a thing of beauty is this.

  2. Atleast you agree with me that it takes a GERMAN to make a SUPERCAR SUPER!

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